Sunday, March 1, 2009

The PC Police (and firemen, too)

Dayton is in a real canundrum once again. Yes. Again, it's all about race. But this time the ruling caucasianally-challenged party is whining because there's not enough negoids on the fire department. The blacks in Dayton, it seems, don't care to serve the community in that capacity nor are they able to pass the entrance exams.
OK. No small wonder there. More blacks are apt to set a fire than put one out. Unless it's their crack-smokin' buddy who's Gerry Curled dreadlocks just went up in a fireball while he was smoking a big rock. That's not racist. That's just the truth. The FBI statistics will back me up.
Dayton wants, not needs, more sub-standard, negroids so as to di-ver-si-fah Daytons emergency squads and fire department. Evidently, they're not having enough in-house abuse and lawsuits over negro jokes, black cops getting busted for breaking the law or the outcry when some dope-slingin' negroid moron gets busted with 3 pounds of crack. I'm sure they all are decent,, church-goin' boys but they weren't in church when the cops busted down their doors, were they?
Now personally, if my house is on fire and some fireman reaches out to pull me from a blazing and agonizing death, the last thing that will go through my mind, is "HOLY SHIT! IT'S A NIGGER!" and not grab his hand. I'm going to grab whoevers hand it is and hold on to them like they're a bucky-ass naked Tarja Turunen!
This begs me to ask the Mayor of Dayton, Rhine McClin and the ever-present, flivver-lippin', moron Rashad Young, who would you rather have saving your life? A qualified and willing white fireman or an affirmative action, half-assed negro who is only there because you, a) either stupified down the test so he could pass it or b) just because of his skin color?
I also wonder if Dayton will continue to allow ever negroid who gets turned down from employment, to sue the city for another $450,000? I mean, Hells Bells, I'LL put on some blackface and put in an application! It seems to be the only legal way Daytons black population can get any money, other then selling their souls on the street for a BJ and a crack hit.
Every week I see Rashad and Rhine, putting on the brave face, telling us we need this and to do that. In the meantime, that self-gratifying bitch and her mongrel Young, are still making over $140,000 EACH, the bus stops have armed police due to the savage, sub-human negroid gangs attacking white people and Dayton is hemmoraging jobs and money like an endrometriotic hemopheliac who's just downed 2 bottles of Bayer after a coat-hanger abortion by Dr. Babboo the Hindu.
She and the other blacks want us to think it's not about race, but let's face it: it IS! It's obvious the blacks don't care about Dayton or their own welfare. Dayton is just slowly being eaten by the black cancer and sooner or later, it will look and be as grim and filthy as Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Atlanta or LA. Forget that white guilt trip too! It's not OUR fault the blacks are too stupid and self-gratifying to care about the community! After 170+ years of free welfare, housing, medical, dental, food stamps, education, pre-parent planning for their 12 iligitimate bastards, one would think they would actually become useful.
I'm quite grateful that I live in the nice, quiet white country side, secure in the fact that we have white policemen, fire fighers and rescue workers who are fully trained instead of some PC, affirmative-action token who wouldn't know a hose from his own black ass. I'm doubly grateful I have white city council members who don't place race above security and safety!


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