Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Hitler, I mean 'History Channel'

It never ceases to amaze me at how the jewish-owned media will continue to persecute and reiterate their lies and half-truths.
Every month it seems, there is a new show about Hitler and the evil and the deathcamps and OY VEY! THE 6 MILLION! I'm sick of it!
For starters, the only number we ever read is the alleged "6 million", when in fact, only 1.5 million jews were killed in WWII. How many were actually killed in battle, natural causes, etc...we will never know. But the official number from the jews and confirmed on the Auschwitz Memorial is 1.5 million dead jews. So why do I still only hear 6 million?? Why are our children brainwashed into thinking there were gas chambers when not a single gassed body was ever found? NOT ONE!! Why, even that lying piece of porcine excreta Elie Weisle never mentioned them in his first edition of "Night".
I would love to know why they haven't done a show on how Hitler, from '38-'41 actually had the SS help with jewish relocations to Palestine and Britiain, who turned down hundreds of thousands as they didn't want them either. Or how about a show that shows how Ariel Sharon mass- murdered hundreds of thousands of Palestineans, bull dozed down their homes, slit open pregnant womens bellies, raped and tortured them and then slaughtered them in cold blood?
I want to see a show about the Lavon Affair and an honest accounting of the USS Liberty attack. I want a show about how the jews were the primary supplier of the indentured slave and the negroid slave, so we can properly thank them for being completely without morals or values or ethics.
I want a show about their Satanic Talmud, which promotes the killing, rape of Goyim (non-jewish) children and women, the theft, deceit, the lying, the back-stabbing of ALL non-jews. A show which tells how the jews take full responsibility for the crucifixion of Christ and how they believe he is in hell, being boiled in semen and all Christians are being boiled in excreta (Gittin 54 a ).
I want a show that shows how the jews torture, mutilate and make suffer, animals so that they can be made 'kosher' for the 2% jew population.
And I want a gott dang show about the illegal extortion kosher tax too! Why should 98% of the US population be paying an illegal tax for the filthy jews? WE aren't being allowed to spend it and we sure as hell haven't heard how the jews spend it either! I can only imagine more US-made cluster bombs to kill Arab civilians. And we wonder why the world hates us!
Basically, I want that 1% of the media that the treasonous jews don't own so that I may, for once, get some truth and facts instead of their lies and cover-ups!

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