Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blacks Are Showing the world What Animals They Are

Racism Cuts Both Ways

by Jonathon Davis, Mar 27, 2009

Racism is flourishing in the United States, but it's not the KKK, it's the hate
by blacks against whites.

The recent slaying of four Oakland police offers have brought racial tensions to
a boil. Not by the families and friends of the officers, but the black
community who support the young assassin.

Rallies have been held in Oakland to promote Lovelle Mixon as a hero to the
black community. Many see him as standing up against the "white slave masters".
Their words, not mine.

The main stream media (MSM) has portrayed the election of the first black
president as stirring racist sentiment in the white community. As it appears,
it's the other way around. Many cable channels have taken it upon themselves to
show documentaries over supposed "hate groups" and white supremacy ideology.

This is a growing trend within our society. Racism not from whites, but blacks.
When one discusses racism, they always mention slavery and the KKK, but they
never mention the other side of racism. Racism cuts both ways, and that's the
story they don't tell you.

This recent support for a cop killer because he was black is just one of many
things that have enveloped our country, and not a word from the MSM.

Only last month it was the Detroit city council informing it's citizens that
whites weren't allowed to even say Obama's name. Even supporters outside were
informing the white citizens that they should go home, the city council wasn't a
place for them.

The rallies in Oakland also mirror the slayings in St. Louis where a black
shooter killed five individuals and wounded two last year. Afterwards, many
blacks within the community openly praised the murders.

The Jena 6 trials made national news when black men and women from around the
country piled into Jena, Louisiana to protest the trials of six black men who
nearly beat a fellow student to death. The community felt that the men were
justified in their actions, and should of been pardoned of their crimes.

Even the brutal rape and eventual killings of Channon Christian and Christopher
Newsom were blacked out by the MSM. The internet was virtually the only place
you heard of it. And then, you found site after site portraying the killings as
a positive step for the black community.

This is the same black community that cheered when O.J. Simpson was found not
guilty for murdering his wife. The death of whites by the hands of a black man
is accepted in the black community, and thought of as street credit.

We're constantly being bombarded with the idea of tolerance and diversity. Yet,
not all hear the message because their hearts are filled with nothing but hate
and contempt for white individuals. The election of Barack Obama was supposed
to put an end to racial tensions, but it's only inspired hatred and vengeance in
the black community.


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