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Everything You Never Wanted to Know AboutMonsanto's Modus Operandi (M.O.)
Monsanto Roundup(Glyphosate)


If You Think Monsanto's Roundup is a Safer Pesticide, Please read the articles and papers on this page !Because all herbicides are pesticides, Roundup is a pesticide as defined by the EPA.

If you're still not convinced that Roundup is a highly toxic and persistent pesticide, read on, while at the same time remembering the other contributions that Monsanto has made to society such as:
Saccharin, Astroturf, agent orange, dioxin, sulphuric acid, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), plastics and synthetic fabrics, research on uranium for the Manhattan Project that led to the construction of nuclear bombs, styrene monomer, an endless line of pesticides and herbicides (Roundup), rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone that makes cows ill), genetically engineered crops (corn, potatoes, tomatoes, soy beans, cotton), and it's most significant product to date; Lies, Factual Distortions and Omissions. Here's one of the distortions that Monsanto had on its website a while back. "Sustainability - the idea that the resources and people of this world are finite. That for any business decision we make, we must consider the effect it will have on us and our children. That the products we make must not use up all of a natural resource, or even worse, contaminate what is left behind."
Take a look at what Monsanto is doing to Canadian canola farmer Percy Schmeiser. And he's far from being the sole recipient of Monsanto's vengeful wrath. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of farmers around the world are being sued after Monsanto's police "find" their patented crops on the farmers' lands without paying for use of the technology. Also see the Monsanto Technology Agreement, in which farmers must sign away all rights in order to sow Monsanto seed

Iraq: Plowing for Profits U.S.: Agribusiness Eyes Iraq’s Fledgling Markets - In These Times 15mar2005
Seeds of Destruction: The Geopolitics of GM Food - Current Concerns (Zurich) 6mar2005
Tillamook Bans Monsanto Growth Hormone - AP 19feb2005
Roundup Ready Alfalfa On The Way - Capital Press Agriculture Weekly 11feb2005
Canada: Ban Endures on Terminator Seeds - Inter Press Service (IPS) 11feb2005
Canada Backs Terminator Seeds - The Guardian (UK) 9feb2005
Monsanto Loses Appeal of French Ban on Modified Corn - St. Louis Post-Dispatch 20mar2008
Kroger to Complete Transition to Certified rBST-Free Milk by Early 2008 - Press Release / Kroger's 1aug2007
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Unborn Babies Could be Harmed by GMOs: Mortality Rate for New-Born Rats Six Times Higher When Mother Was Fed on a Diet of Genetically Modified Soya - The Independent (UK) 8jan2006
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France: Ballarin's Tainted Corn: Biotech-Crop Battle Heats Up as Strains Mix With Others: Fears Hurt U.S. Farmers - Wall Street Journal 8nov2005
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Monsanto Fined For Bribing Indonesian Officials to Avoid Environmental Studies for Bt Cotton - ifrik 1sep2005
Monsanto in Snit Over Use of Roundup, Ready - The Agribusiness Examiner 30aug2005
Monsanto Finally Admits to Creating 181 Roundup Resistant Superweeds - From Monsanto Website 27aug2005
"America's Heartland" Television Show Criticized Over Its Sponsors - Sacramento Bee 26jul2005
EU Ministers Uphold Sovereign Right to Ban GMOs - Reuters 24jun2005
Amphibian Roundup Herbicide Kills More Than Weeds: Frog Species are Rapidly Dying Off - San Francisco Chronicle 23jul2005
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Monsanto's $2 Billion Senior Unsecured Shelf 'A-' - Press Release / Standard & Poor's 26may2005
Deceit: Health Fears Over Secret Study into GM Food Rats Fed GM Developed Abnormalities in Blood and Kidneys - The Independent (UK) 22may2005
Argentina: Farmers Don't Have To Pay Some Seed Royalties - Dow Jones Newswires 20may2005
Arrogance: Directors' Fees Soar: Monsanto Boosts Pay $20,000; Centene, MEMC jump 140% - St. Louis Business Journal 6may2005
India: GEAC Rejects 3 Varieties of Monsanto Bt Cotton in Andhra Pradesh - Financial Express (India) 4may2005
India Bans 3 Monsanto Genetically Modified Cotton Types - AP 3may2005
Monsanto To Confirm Earnings, Cash Flow Guidance - Dow Jones Newswires 26apr2005
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Dr. Relyea Responds to Monsanto's Concerns Regarding Recent Published Study - Dr. Relyea 1apr2005
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Greed: Monsanto Inks Soybean Royalty Deal with Brazil - St. Louis Business Journal 29mar2005
Argentine Farmers Head to Europe in Monsanto Fight - St. Louis Business Journal 28mar2005
Poland to Ban Monsanto GMO Maize Seed - Reuters 22mar2005
Poland to Ban Monsanto's Genetically Modified Corn - St. Louis Business Journal 22mar2005
Monsanto Chalks Up Crop of Global Biotech Victories - AP 19mar2005
Roundup Doesn't Poison Only Weeds - Le Monde (France) 12mar2005
Roundup and placental cells: Differential effects of glyphosate and Roundup on human placental cells and aromatase - Environmental Health Perspectives 24feb2005
Tillamook Bans Monsanto Growth Hormone - AP 19feb2005
Tillamook, Milk and GMO Hormones - KGW (Portland, OR) 18feb2005
Emergent Genetics Purchase: Emergent 'Raises The Bar,' Aids Growth - Dow Jones Newswires 17feb2005
Biotech Shareholders Call for Reporting Impacts of Biotech Products - Organic Food Quality and Health Research Newsletter Feb/Mar 1feb2005
GM Grass Genes Travel Much Further Than Expected - Gene Watch 1feb2005
Celebrex: Pfizer Says 1999 Trials Revealed Risks With Celebrex - NY Times 1feb2005
Iraq: Order 81 - The Ecologist 1feb2005
Monsanto Sues Farmer Customers Over Piracy Issues: It's efforts to protect its technology often turn farmer against farmer - Des Moines Register 30jan2005
World Social Forum Protests Transgenic Foods - Agence France Presse 28jan2005
The Laws of Nature - Ignacio Chapela and John F Garcia 27jan2005
Bribery: Monsanto Bribery Charges in Indonesia by DoJ and USSEC - Third World Network Malaysia 27jan2005
Monsanto Co. to Pay $1 Billion For Produce-Seed Firm Seminis - Wall Street Journal 25jan2005
Monsanto in $1.4bn Deal with Seminis - Financial Times (UK) 24jan2005
Hungary Bans Monsanto MON 810 GMO Maize Seeds - Reuters 19jan2005
Monsanto $1.5 Million Fines for Genetic Engineering Bribe Illustrates Risks of GE Strategy - Social Funds 19jan2005
Monsanto Charged With Using US Patent Laws to Control Staple Crop Seeds - Agribusiness Examiner 19jan05
Brazilian Court Suspends Royalty Payments to Monsanto - St. Louis Business Journal 13jan2005
Monsanto: Prosecuting American Farmers: Monsanto's Investigations, Coerced Settlements & Lawsuits - Center for Food Safety 12jan05
Bribery: Monsanto Company Charged with Bribing Indonesian Government Official: Pays $1 Million Penalty - US Department of Justice 6jan2005
Genetically Engineered Crops and Pesticide Use in the United States: The First Nine Years - (Executive Summary) Charles Benbrook / BioTech InfoNet 25oct04
Louise Schmeiser Sues: Monsanto Facing Another Schmeiser Suit - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) 19oct04
Roundup Ready Sugar Beet: Monsanto Co. and KWS SAAT AG Petition . . . for Sugar Beet . . . Tolerance to the Herbicide Glyphosate - APHIS USDA 19oct04
Monsanto's Gift to Iraq
World Food Day in Iraq: Iraqi Farmers Aren't Celebrating - Press Release / GRAIN 15oct04
Iraq's New Patent Law: A Declaration of War Against Farmers - Press Release / Focus on the Global South and GRAIN 15oct04
Iraq: Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 81: Patent, Industrial Design, Undisclosed Information, Integrated Circuits and Plant Variety Law - CPA (Iraq) 26apr04
Monsanto's Royalty Grab in Argentina. . . Or: How corporations get their way with a little help from their friends in government - GRAIN 8oct04
Monsanto Reports Fourth-Quarter Loss - AP 6oct04
Cargill To Process Monsanto's Vistive Low Linolenic Soybeans - Dow Jones Newswires 4oct04
VISTIVE: New Soybean Variety Will Provide A Trans Fat Solution to the Food Industry - Monsanto Press Release / PRNewswire 4oct04
North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation Report Could Put a Crimp in Corn Exports - Chicago Tribune 29sep04
Monsanto Chief Technology Officer Previews Advancing Pipeline of Next-Generation Biotech Traits - Monsanto Press Release / PRNewswire-FirstCall 29sep04
EIS; Petition for Deregulation of Genetically Engineered Glyphosate-Tolerant Creeping Bentgrass -APHIS [Docket No. 03–101–2] Federal Register Notices 24sep04
Genes From Engineered Grass Spread for Miles: 13 miles! - NY Times 21sep04
Argentina Rejects Monsanto Plan To Collect GMO Royalties - Dow Jones Newswires 21sep04
Mexico: Update #2: Maize and Biodiversity Report - Press Release / North America Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) 17sep04
Roundup Resistance: Morning Glories Creeping Around Popular Herbicide - Press Release / Univ. of Georgia 24aug2004
Roundup-Resistant Tropical Spiderwort: Little-Known Weed Causing Big Trouble in Southeast - ARS / USDA 24aug2004
Mexico: The Day the Sun Dies: Contamination and Resistance in Mexico - Seedling (Spain) 16aug04
Super Coca? - Transnational Institute (TNI) 8sep04
India: Monsanto Boosts GM Cotton Seed Sales To India Five-Fold - Dow Jones Newswires 7sep04
New Super Strain of Coca Plant Stuns Anti-Drug Officials - The Scotsman (Scotland) 27aug04
Roundup Resistance: Glyphosate-Resistant Mare's Tail Infests Southeast Missouri Fields - Delta Farm Press 5aug2004
Roundup-Resistant: Weed Control Could be Circle of Truths: A Dog Chasing Its Own Tail - Delta Farm Press 29jul2004
Percy Schmeiser (legal evaluation): Goliath v. Schmeiser - GeneWatch 1jul04
Percy Schmeiser: Independent farming hangs in balance as lone Canadian farmer battles biotech giant Monsanto - Common Ground 1jul04
Monsanto Gift to Benefit Agriculture in the Classroom - Monsanto Press Release 23jun04
So, Who Really Won the Schmeiser Decision? - E Ann Clark, Ph.D. / Crop Choice 13jun04
Monsanto: Agent Blue and the Business of Killing Rice - Focus on the Global South / ZNet 3jun04
Feeding Our Deepest Fears: How Big Agriculture and the US Government Bungled the Biotech Revolution and Made a Deal With The Devil - Playboy 1jun04
What Makes Percy Schmeiser So Persistent? - Interview by Paul Goettlich / 27may04
Monsanto Canada Inc. v. Schmeiser - SUPREME COURT OF CANADA / Ruling on appeal from Federal Court of Appeal 21may04
Monsanto Wins Landmark Case: Supreme Court Rules Against Farmer: He Infringed on Biotech Giant's Patent - Toronto Star (Canada) 22may04
Monsanto Wins Patent Case on Plant Genes - NY Times 22may04
What a Patent Means - Editorial / Globe and Mail (Toronto) 22may04
Monsanto Wins Landmark Case - Toronto Star (Canada) 22may04
Monsanto Wins Key Biotech Ruling - Globe and Mail (Toronto) 21may04
Canada High Court Backs Monsanto In Seed Dispute - Dow Jones Newswires 21may04
Schmeiser Decision Causes Uproar Around the World - CNW (Canada) English & French 21may04
Monsanto Prevails in Patent Fight Against Percy Schmeiser - Wired News 21may04
Supreme Court Case Decision Sets Dangerous Precedent - National Farmers Union 21may04
Canadian Supreme Court Tramples Farmers' Rights—Affirms Corporate Monopoly On Higher Life Forms - ETC Group News Release 21may04
Canadian Court Rules Against Farmers, For Monsanto: Fight to Protect Farmers' Rights in Biotech Seed Disputes Will Continue - IATP Press Release 21may04
Also see OncoMouse Agreement: MOU between DuPont and Public Health Service U.S. Department of Health and Human Services - 1jul99
Sales Cutback: Monsanto: It's All Coming Home to Roost - The Business Times (Singapore) 13may04
Syngenta Refutes Monsanto Lawsuit As Without Merit - Dow Jones Newswires 13may04
Monsanto Sues Syngenta Over Corn Patent - AP 13may04
Monsanto Shelves Plan for Modified Wheat - NY Times 11may04
Carl Casale, Executive Vice President: Monsanto Drops Genetically Modified Wheat - Monsanto Press Release 10may04
India: Monsanto's Bt Cotton in India an Abysmal Failure - GM Watch 3may04
Monsanto v Homan McFarling: Appeals Court Sets Aside $780K Monsanto Award in Miss. Dispute - AP 28apr04
Monsanto v Homan McFarling: Mississippi Farmer Gets Big Break from Appeals Court in Monsanto Biotech Seed Case - CropChoice 27apr04
Mexico: JPAC Initial Recommendations To CEC Council / Maize and Biodiversity Symposium of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation 13apr04
Update on the Occurrence of Glyphosate-Resistant Marestail/Horseweed - Pest & Crop (Purdue) 9apr04
Brazil's Parana State Bans Monsanto, BASF Pesticides on Risks - Bloomberg 5apr04
Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI): Industry Lobbying for Genetic Engineered Crops in Australia - GM Watch daily 4mar04
Monsanto Faces Investigation Of Possible Bribe in Indonesia - Wall Street Journal 22mar04
GM Sweet Potato: Wambugu Wambuzling Again: Says GM Sweet Potato a Resounding Success? - GM Watch 17mar04
Seed Concerns Donate Data on Corn Gene - NY Times 17mar04
Monsanto Raises Idea of U.S.-only GMO Wheat Release: But US Farmers Don't Want It - Reuters 16mar04
GM Proof? - Daily Mail (UK) 6mar04
Filipino Islanders Blame GM Crop for Mystery Sickness: Monsanto denies scientist's claim that maize may have caused 100 villagers to fall ill - The Guardian 3mar04
Bt Corn Causes Fevers, Respiratory Illnesses and Skin Reactions: Scientists Suspect Health Threat from GM Maize - The Guardian (UK) 27feb04
GM - The Great Betrayal - Daily Mail (UK) 20feb04
Biotech Giants Accused of using new EU member states as Trojan Horse - The Guardian (UK) 14feb04
Anniston: Cleanups Wait as Companies Debate Liability (Monsanto, Pharmacia, Pfizer, Solutia) St. Louis Post-Dispatch 7feb04
Retired farmer files class-action lawsuit against Monsanto - St. Louis Post-Dispatch 5feb04
Biotech Giant Pulls Out of Zimbabwe - The Daily News (Harare) 30jan04
Kerry and Monsanto: Sleeps With Wolves - Notmilk 2feb04
Monsanto: Ready to Blossom? - Business Week Online 3feb04
GM Foods Dangerous If Used As Main Meals - East African Standard (Nairobi) 2feb04
rBGH: FDA, Monsanto Need to Reveal Truth about Growth Hormone - The Capitol Times 2feb04
Observations on the Supreme Court hearing of Percy Schmeiser - E Ann Clark Ph.D. / Cropchoice 2feb04
Biotech Industry Gives Record $150,000 to Fight Proposed Altered-Crop Ban - The Press Democrat 31jan04
Monsanto's Chapati Patent Raises Indian Ire - The Guardian (UK) 31jan04
Monsanto May Drop GMO Wheat Without Grower Backing - Reuters 24jan04
rBGH, rBST: Monsanto Media Statement on the Pricing of Posilac aka: rBGH, rBST, Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone, and so on. 22jan04
Monsanto plans to dump GM wheat in South Africa - Sunday Times (South Africa) 22jan04
Percy Schmeiser: Canada's Supreme Court Hears Monsanto's Seed Dispute Case - AP 21jan04
Piracy Impels Monsanto to Suspend Seed Sales to Argentina- AP 20jan04
Percy Schmeiser: Activists At Mumbai Meeting Back Canadian Farmer Vs Monsanto - Dow Jones Newswires 20jan04
Percy Schmeiser vs Monsanto: Supreme Court Grapples with Arguments on Patenting of Genes and Plants - Canadian Press 20jan04
Percy Schmeiser: Small Canadian Farmer Fights Monsanto - AP 20jan04
Percy Schmeiser's Battle Over GMOs Heads to Canada's High Court - Reuters 19jan04
Percy Schmeiser: Unlikely Hero: Canadian Farmer Stands Up Against Monsanto in Biotech Battle - Sacramento Bee 19jan04
Percy Schmeiser's Future is Our Future - Vandana Shiva / The Council of Canadians 19jan04
Judge Rodney Sippel Refuses to Step Down from Monsanto Price-Fixing Case - AP 16jan04
Schmeiser Case Heads for Top Court The Star Phoenix (Canada) 13jan04
Roundup Ready Wheat = More Pesticides: Genetically Engineered Wheat may lead to More Use of Chemicals - Canadian Press 12jan04
Saskatchewan Organic Farmers File Lawsuit Against Monsanto and Aventis - The Canadian Press 10jan04
AgCan Ends Testing of GE Wheat Developed with Monsanto - The Canadian Press 9jan04
Bias Issue Faces Judge in Monsanto Case - NY Times 9jan04
Monsanto Posts Loss of $97 Million - St Louis Post-Dispatch 8jan04
Monsanto Accused of Price-Fixing - The Guardian (UK) 7jan04
Monsanto Posts Loss of $97 Million - St Louis Post-Dispatch (plus Dow Jones Newswires and AP) 8jan04
'Confident' Business Practices 'Above Board' - Dow Jones Newswires 7jan04
Monsanto and Pioneer Hi-Bred: Questions Seen on Seed Prices Set in the 90's - NY Times 6jan04
Monsanto Co. and The Scotts Co. Availability of petition for determination of nonregulated status for genetically engineered glyphosate-tolerant creeping bentgrass; Request for information and comment - Federal Register 5jan03
Canada: Monsanto Delays Registry of Roundup Ready Wheat - National Post (Toronto) 3jan04
Got Hormones? Stanley Bennett says, "We're in the business of marketing milk, not Monsanto's drugs" - Time Magazine 22dec03
GM Crops Increase Pesticide Use - ISIS 11dec03
GM Seeds, Generic Glyphosate taking a bigger bite out of major crop protection chemical markets - PRNewswire 10dec03
Pioneer Offers 40 Corn Hybrids that Resist Popular Herbicide Roundup - Des Moines Register 19nov03
Percy Schmeiser vs. Monsanto Reaches Canada's Supreme Court Early Next Year - Toronto Star (Ontario, Canada) 12nov03
Homan McFarling: Saving Seeds Subjects Farmers to Suits Over Patent - NY Times 2nov03
Monsanto Fined for Crop Tests Modified Corn, Cotton Improperly Handled - Washington Post 18oct03
Monsanto Overhauling Businesses - NY Times 16oct03
Crops Giant Retreats From Europe Ahead of GM Report - The Independent (UK) 16oct03
Monsanto's Loss Widened in Period Amid Price War - Wall Street Journal 16oct03
Monsanto Cuts Jobs Because of . . . WHAT? - St Louis Post-Dispatch 15oct03
GM Crops Giant Monsanto Pulls Out of Europe - Daily Telegraph (UK) 15oct03
Monsanto Posts Loss, to Cut Jobs - Fox News 15oct03
Monsanto Pulling Out of Cambridge - BBC News 15oct03
Monsanto Retreating from European Wheat Business - Reuters 15oct03
Banning GM Crops Not Enough to Save Wildlife - New Scientist 15oct03
Judge Allows Antitrust Case Against Seed Producers - NY Times 24sep03
rBGH Labeling May Harm Dairy Industry - Badger Herald (Wisconsin) 22sep03
Monsanto Urges Brazil Soy Growers to Pay Royalties - Reuters 16sep03
Indian Farmers Wreck Monsanto Research Station in Bangalore - AP 12sep03
Indian Farmers Target Monsanto: Following the suicide of 70 farmers in last 3 months - BBC News 11sep03
Japan Wheat Buyers Warn Against Biotech Wheat in US - Reuters 10sep03
Brazil Court Overturns GM Soy Ruling - 9sep03
Monsanto's French GM Maize Crop Attacked - Reuters 6sep03
Solutia, Monsanto Agree to Pay $600 Million to Settle PCB Claims - Wall Street Journal 21aug03
Deal Reached in PCB Trials - Anniston Star 21aug03
Brazil Soy Ruling Overmatched By Monsanto's Solutia Woes - Dow Jones News Wires 20aug03
Brazil Faces GM Soy Battle Despite Legal Progress - Reuters 13aug03
Monsanto Investors Warned of Solutia-related Threat: $2.3 Billion Hit Looming - Reuters 4aug03
Monsanto Sues Dairy in Maine Over Label's Remarks on Hormones - NY Times 12jul03
Got Posilac? - St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10aug03
rBGH: Monsanto Sues Oakhurst Dairy Over Advertising, Labeling Growth Hormone AP 8jul03
Agent Orange: High Court Deadlocks on Agent Orange Case - AP 9jun03
Brazil: Landless Rural Workers' Movement Invades Monsanto Farm - BBC 3jun03
Failure of the GMO's in India - Dr. Vandana Shiva & Afsar H Jafri 31may03
Monsanto Struggles Even as It Dominates - NY Times 31may03
RoundUp Herbicide-Resistant Weed May Invade Pennsylvania Crops - PennState News 30may03
Monsanto Large-Scale Child Labour in India's Cotton Seed Production - Indian Committee of the Netherlands (ICN) 17may03
U.S. Seeks Data From Monsanto In Probe of Herbicide Industry - Wall Street Journal 17mar03
Monsanto Reaps Some Anger with Hard Line on Reusing Seed - Post-Dispatch 12may03
Danish Drinking Water Contaminated by Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide - Politiken (Denmark) 10may03
Monsanto Taken to Supreme Court by Canadian Farmer Percy Schmeiser - Reuters 9may03
Monsanto & Kansas State U. Form Biotech Deal - St. Louis Business News 9may03
Monsanto vs Schmeiser: The Classic David vs Goliath Struggle..... - Press Release 8may03
Monsanto Brazil Seeks Royalties for Illegal RoundupReady Soy - Reuters 5may03
The teratogenic potential of the herbicide glyphosate-Roundup® in Wistar rats Toxicology Letters v.142, i.1-2, 30apr03
India Bars Monsanto Gene-Modified Cotton In North - AP 25apr03
India: Monsanto Tried to Disrupt Our Meeting - Gene Campaign (India) 17apr03
Monsanto's "Shock and Awe" - Devinder Sharma / AgBioIndia Bulletin 17apr03
Justice Department Opens Monsanto Antitrust Probe - Wall Street Journal 14mar03
The effects of acute pesticide exposure on neuroblastoma cells chronically exposed to diazinon - Toxicology v.185, i.1-2, 14mar03
Monsanto & Other Firms will Share Technology with Africa - Washington Post 11mar03
Monsanto Wants to Sow a Genetically Modified Future - St. Louis Post-Dispatch 22feb03
Roundup Unready - NY Times Editorial/Op-Ed 19feb03
Monsanto Sees Opportunity in Glyphosate Resistant Volunteers - CropChoice 15jan03
Roundup: Widely Used Crop Herbicide Is Losing Weed Resistance - Andrew Pollack/ NY Times 14jan03
Roundup-resistant weeds are cropping up The herbicide is so popular that it may not be as effective as it was initially - Des Moines Register 10jan03
Glyphosate Resistance Dominates Weed Science Meetings - Successful Farming 6dec02
Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds: Will They Decrease Land Value? - Syngenta Dec02
Monsanto vs Homan McFarling: Judge Clevenger understands - CropChoice 5dec02
Report on Issues Related to the Aerial Eradication of Illicit Coca in Colombia BINLFA Sep02
Roundup Resistance NOT Wanted - Western Producer 29aug02
Roundup Ready Golf Course Grass Fight: Group wants to block sales of herbicide-resistant grass - SF Chronicle 2aug02
Roundup/Acrylamide: Acrylamide In Cooked Foods: The Glyphosate Connection - Monsanto's Residues Poisoning Consumers - ISIS Report 1aug02
Acrylamide in Food: Uncharted Territory - Science v.297 5jul02
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Glyphosate [Roundup] and plant growth regulators Chlormequat & Mepiquat in Cereals produced in Denmark - Food Additives and Contaminants Oct01
Colombian Court Immediately Suspends Aerial Spraying of Roundup on Drug Crops - Reuters 27jul01
Monsanto's Roundup Sales Rose 4 percent in the second quarter, led by gains in the United States and Argentina - Reuters 25jul01
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Biotech Soybeans Plant Seed of Risky Revolution: Critics fear health dangers and an ecosystem changed forever - LA Times 1jul01
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Monsanto Viciously Threatens, Bullies and Ruins Farmers
HEARTBREAK IN THE HEARTLAND: The true cost of genetically engineered crops Transcribed by 21jul02
Percy Schmeiser speaking on Biotech Bullies Threaten Farmer and Consumer Rights at the University of Texas at Austin 10oct01
Example of an actual extortion letter from Monsanto to a farmer `
Monsanto Technology Agreement - All farmers must sign away all rights in order to sow Monsanto seed
Genetic Engineering and Productivity
Do GM Crops Mean Less Pesticide Use? - Charles Benbrook / Pesticide Outlook Oct01
Monsanto Roundup-Ready Soybeans under fire - St. Louis Business Journal 17aug01
Roundup Ready Beans and Herbicide - Charles Benbrook 10dec00
Roundup 70% of Monsanto sales - Traditional Seeds & Tech Feeds for GMOs comprising the remainder - DJN 13oct00
Buried Data in Monsanto's Study on Roundup Ready Soybeans - Whole Life Times Aug00
Monsanto Discovers Wild Gene Fragments in Roundup Ready Soya - Agribusiness Examiner 6jun00
Research Shows Roundup Ready Soybeans Yield Less - IANR News Service, University of Nebraska 16may00
Roundup's Surprise Crop Puzzles Farmer Percy Schmeiser - Guardian 5feb00
Troubled Times Amid Commercial Success for Roundup Ready Soybeans: Glyphosate Efficacy is Slipping - Dr. Charles M. Benbrook 3may01
Monsanto's Roundup Victim of its Success: Widespread Herbicide Resistance, More Diseases - St. Louis Post-Dispatch 3may01
North Dakota, Montana Consider Moratoriums on Roundup Ready Wheat - Cropchoice News 9feb01
Farmers, Foreign Markets Send Negative Signals on Roundup Ready Wheat - Cropchoice 1feb01
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the metabolite of glyphosate is aminomethylphosphonic acid
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Monsanto + MIT + Plastic = Disneyland's Home of the Future 1957
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Neotame Artificial Sweetener Approved by FDA: But is is Safe? 6jul02

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