Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The ADLs crusade to block internet Free Speech

The ADL was started in memory of a child-raping murderer named Leo Franks. Here's a link:

They stand for everything that is un-natural, normal, decent and moral. They promote homos, dykes, anti-Christian, anti-white, pro-negroid, pro-zionist, anti-Christmas, anti-Easter agendas and wonder why people hate the jews.
People just don't wake up one day thinking "HEY! Damn! Today I hate NIGGERS and JEWS!". Nooooo, rather the jews or the minorities DO or SAY or ACT in a way which MAKES white people hate them.
Pesky little things, like cluster-bombing civilians, allowing out WTC to be attacked, the USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, the so-called 'art students', the Beirut attacks. Small things like this are most likely why they've been expelled from every country they've ever infested. America is now, just as pre-WWII Germany was in. The jew control our media, our TVs, our papers adn we atre FORCED to digest their agenda, like good little sheeple, bleeting only to ourselves, never out loud for fear of being labeled a hater or a Nazi! You CAN'T question your jewish masters! Anti-Semite!
Well, let them call me what they will. I'd rather be called a racialist, fighting for truth and freedom than a lemming parrot who comes crawling to do his masters PC bidding!

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  1. Austin, you're a racist idiot. Account flagged.