Saturday, March 21, 2009

Monsantos Sock Puppet Denies All HR 875 Bill

Monsantos blogger Brad Mitchell is busy as a little beaver attempting to deny all allegations of Maonsantpos Genetic developement and their take over of food banks, privately-owned animals and crops. Brad is a Director of Public Affairs at Monsanto, meaning he talkes sh*t and lies to your face. Pardon me, Mr. Mitchell, if I didn't fall off the home-grown cabbage truck yestedrday!
To put it bluntly, you're full of sh*t! You're a liar, a thief, a back-stabbing, two-faced, treasonous traitor to Americans everywhere.
Some of his bullsh*t includes : "It was no doubt written in response to public concerns with relatively recent incidents with peanut butter, ground beef, spinach, etc...". Riiiiight! The real reason we had tainted peanut butter, lettuce and spinach was because the filthy, turd world illegal Mexiacns were sh*tting and p*ssing all ove the food in the fields! NOT because we have non-genetic freak veggies in our fields. DUH! You have a college degreee yet you Commie bastards can't figure THAT out yet? has his response to our concerns. He would have us think that Monsanto is out for OUR health and food safety when in reality, they wish to monopolize all of our food crops and feed us mutated foods that are NOT safe to eat!
My solution? Grow all your own food and if Monsanto representatives come onto your property, shoot them in the face! Send a message that we're NOT going to eat their kosher genetically altered foods and we're NOT going to let them tax us for every animal we choose to raise that's hormone and pesticide free!
Write to YOUR congress critter and tell them not to support HR 875!

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