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Jews, why don't you just leave us alone?

Jews, why don’t you leave us alone?

Excerpts from page 8 – 21 of a book by Hans Schmidt (1999)

We don’t need you to create a life of happiness and prosperity for us. We lived very well without you wherever we have populated this planet . The last only White place on the earth, little Iceland, is well-ordered, criminality is practically spared in a society our Aryan peoples create, if no Jew is implanted in important positions. Most other White nations of the globe are in constant decline, because of the local Jews occupying positions to which they have no right, either because of their race, religion and culture or because of their negative talents or their character.

We don’t need your politicians or your political system you have devised in order to promote your interests, which is foreign to us, through and through, because it is based on lies and deceit, corruption, terror and hypocrisy. For countless centuries, our ancestors did very well without you. They governed themselves by a form of government, that corresponded to their needs, wishes and preferences.

We don’t need your warmongers of the ilk of the late Walter Lippman, Samuel Untermyer, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Ilja Ehrenburg and cohorts, that you needed to conjure up an anti-German war-hysteria among Americans, Russians, and other nations, whenever it suited your objectives. Be assured that our Aryan nations would have fared better if they had known the simple fairness of truth. For only truth would have made a lasting peace possible, but the truth is not in your interests, - or was it ever? We do not need your countless "experts" in the press, television and radio media to convey to us the world’s events from a Jewish point of view, and to instruct us about how we can shape our lives happier. Before you numerously nested amongst us, our peoples were religious, cheerful and far more satisfied than they are today. Neither do we need your race mixing apostles, multi-cultural fanatics, "liberals", integration-propagandists, socialistic pseudo-humanists, and itinerant preachers of "diversity".

We don’t need your financial tycoons. Most humans would be better off if there were no Baruchs, Schiffs, Greenspans, Rubins, Milkens, Soros, and other Jewish finance kapitalists, whose principal aim obviously consists in creaming off the riches created by others. Imagine how much happier the masses of Asia and of the former Soviet Union would be today, had Georg Soros, who, undoubtedly with active help of his tribal brothers, felt a greed for still larger treasures and brought the currencies of Asia and Russia to a collapse. For him, who had stolen one Billion, it was the easiest thing to donate one hundred Millions and than act as a philantropist.

We don’t need the Jewish pillarists of our times, neither Albert Einstein, nor Siegmund Freud, nor Karl Marx. The damage they have caused against Mankind – mostly with glad support of all of Jewry – is hardly fathomable. We still have our own Greats, like Luther, Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietsche, Heidegger – to just mention a few of the important ones amongst thousands.

We don’t need your ministers to govern us, nor your ambassadors to represent us, nor your anonymous administrative officers to give us instructions about how we have to behave in a land mainly cultivated and developed by Anglo-Saxons and Germans.

We don’t need your art dealers, art experts, and art critics, who are all so eager to warp the perception of our nation’s masses, by destroying their healthy, instinctice ability of distinguishing between what is beauty and/or what is ugly. Without your tribe brothers in the art business truly great Aryan artists might get a chance again to create masterpieces which will exist for centuries, even millenia.

We don’t need your music, neither do we need Schönberg, Mahler, nor Bernstein, and we can do without the propaganda instilled in your “Fiddler on the Roof”. Much less do we need the designated trash, which you force upon our youth these days – or the “music” which is only terrible, soul-destroying noise, like Rap or Hard Rock. Listen to Wagner’s Tannhäuser, Beethoven’s ninth Symphony, Thus spoke Zarathustra by Richard Strauß, or the melodies of Mozart, and you will understand, what I talk about. No Jew would be able to create anything nearly equivalent, not even Mendelssohn, who was one of your best.

We don’t need your sculptors, painters, and architects. Look at the bloody nonsense your figureheads produce and propagate for a short while – if you can endure that. Look especially at your sickly Holocaust “Art”. Then compare this trash with the works of the old Greeks, Romans, with Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Dürer, Tizian, Breker, Wren, Schinkel, and many others truly great artists of our race.

We don’t need your loan sharks, gangsters, gambling den owners, pimps, porno kings, or receivers of stolen goods, and drug pushers. There are still zones in some Aryan counrties, where these "trades“ are illegal, and everyone knows their the criminality rates are low. We willingly grant, that without organized crime there will be less work for Jewish Judges, lawyers and professors of jurisprudence, who no longer teach truth and justice, we can do without them very well.
Before you were made to wander amongst us, Nuremberg, Augsburg, Leipzig, Venice and Milan were blossoming trade centers. We did not need your Jewish "Wholesalers forced upon us. Wheat from Poland and the Ukraine reached Western Europe for a long, long time without Jewish grain dealers making unfair profits. Scottish whiskey was shipped to every corner of the world, before any one had heard of the Bronfmanns.

We don’t need your inventors and inventions. All great inventions, which have basically altered our daily lives – motor cars, air planes, Television, moon rockets, computers, electro microscope, just to mention a few examples – are owed to Aryans. The Jewish invention most pregnant with consequences is the atomic bomb, which will probably be your end doom.

We don’t need your Hollywood and all that it stands for. We don't need your writers, or your film stars to memorize your propaganda. The damage you have caused in Aryan souls with the flood of your Hollywood-style produced films and telecasts is monstrous. The calamitous intent these productions are to our young generations, is well known to you, for why would you otherwise declare the question taboo, while so many children and youths murder their class mates and teachers?

We don’t need your rabbis, to preach to us brotherliness, tolerance, and understanding of diversity, while they themselves – and you – are the most bigoted and intolerant people in this world. How many Goyim do you tolelrate at the helm of the ADL, the American Jewish Congress, the Wiesenthal-Center or any other Jewish organization? Not one? Where does that leave your brotherliness, your tolerance, and your understanding of diversity?

We don’t need your host of professors and teachers, who brainwash our children so intensively that they don’t know anything of our grandiose past and instead develop a preference for immorality, arrogance, dishonesty, and crudeness. With your united forces you succeed to confuse our young people so much, that they, even though the untruth of these allegations is so obvious. We don't need your teachings that there is no difference between races, nations, tribes and individuals – except the naturally super race of the Jews, and ram it down our throats that they are God’s chosen people, and it is actually believed by the misguided innocent people because the Jews won't tolerate any contradiction against this arrogant claim.

We don’t need your abortion-“doctors”. How many innocent white children has your "holocaust in the womb," brought death to? One single Jewish “doctor” in Canada, Dr. Morgenthaler – on top of all a “holocaust-survivor”! – admitted in October 1998 to have executed at that time not less than 65,000 abortions, and without doubt most of these “patients” have been Aryan women. What drives your medicos to this shameful trade in droves? Does only the prospect of a fast buck motivate them, or perhaps they enjoy the killing of each Aryan fetus, which in a way is another future adult prevented to develop worthy of hate by the Jews?

We don’t need your professional “Holocaust-survivors”, a la Elie Wiesel and Simon Wiesenthal, who have created for nearly a century of swindle. To use the words of Professor Arthur Butz: The insidious mixture of facts and fiction has lead to the development of a fable which will be classed in the centuries to come as the most impressive example, even though only for a short time, as the most successful propaganda coup of worldwide proportions.

We don’t need your Talmud laws. Many of them are in abrupt contradiction to natural laws. Your free and easy application of retroactive enacted laws and your disregard of the proven principle of limitation are wholly abhorrent to us, even though you dress these machinations in the alleged striving for justice. Before you succeeded in influencing the administration of justice in other countries of the occidental society, in times of wars, there never had been people persecuted for war-time actions committed more than 50 years afterwards.

Your OSI – an organization founded at the instance by Jews for the persecution of alleged “Nazi-criminals”- constitutes one of the most evil examples for this unjust application of your perfidious laws, which ownly and solely serve the revenge requirements of a very specific group of people who believe that they are superior. We don’t need your jurists, no matter if they work for private persons, companies, or the government of a nation, to inflict such great damages as the Jewish (or the non-Jewish, indoctrinated with Talmudic world view upon innocent people.)
A single group of professionals jurists in the United States has taken over Harvard, today’s Jewish stronghold that was an unequalled better university, before it became swamped with Jewish students and training staff. It would have been better to have introduced a “numerus clausus” for the latter.

We don’t need your scientists. The question arises, how many potentially great discoverers and inventors of our peoples were never in a position to develop their abilities, because too many Jews at too many universities have occupied these places to study, for which ours had a legitimate claim!

We don’t need your military, however strong. You don’t possess a great military tradition and no commanders such as Frederick the Great, Napoleon, Wellington, Hitler, Nelson, Robert E. Lees, Nimitz etc. Your demand that young women be drafted for war at the side of young men, and your instruction, that homosexuality be tolerated in the army as "alternative sexual orientation“, is ruining our forces.

We don’t need your psychiatrists, psychologists, school advisors, and comforters of lonely hearts. Our peoples were far more happy and healthier in their souls without their sorid advice. You have undermined the healthy values of our people with your immoral, unethical, and nihisistic television and radio, with your "educational programs“, and your media-propaganda, and therewith disintegrated the family as the basic building block of society.

We don’t need your Spielbergs, Katzenbergs, Eisners, and consorts. None of your film producers surpasses ours, like David W. Griffith, Walt Disney or Leni Riefenstahl in artistic ability and talent.

We don’t need your fashions, which you want to make so clandestinely palatable to us. Are you proud of the fact that today, as a product of your cunningly operated brainwashing, hundreds of millions now wear “progressive” garments like Blue Jeans, which in earlier days were only worn to clean out the stable or to perform other dirty jobs? The result of your propaganda have made these people, who otherwise reject any type of uniform, slip gladly into a grubby uniformity, which embodies not freedom and individualism, but anarchy, “political correctness” and slavish conformism.

We don’t need your philosophy of “Tikkun olam”, the believe that you of all people will make the world perfect again, or can create a perfect world. Please, recall that you couldn’t exist, contrary to us, should you depend on yourselves! You would perish! Your parasitic Zionist state in the Middle East, the Jewish state Israel, couldn’t survive a year without financial help from outside – namely without the support of the USA and the German tribute payments. And with the help such a people the world will recover?

We are not in need to have our people indoctrinated by you, with complexes of guilt, the eternal self-proclaimed victims of alleged intolerance. What has happened to you in the past was mainly an act of self-defense to your evil plots. Separate yourself from us – we let you part undisturbed! – and you will most probably never have to suffer again. Left to your own devices you will have an opportunity to create the worldly paradise of your dreams.

We don’t need your eternal calls for change, or progress, or reform, or growth, or revolution. Our people are more often quite content with their lives than one expects, and your incessant attempts to destroy existing happiness with a hint to a future cockaine doesn’t achieve anything but unhappiness and mental unrest.

We freely admit that you are phenomenal coniving politicians. You are as determined as nobody else in this world to perfect your political destiny over thousands of years, and you have the great advantage that no guilty conscience worries you if others suffer because of your actions. You understand in an admirable way to play out one side against the other. That’s why parliamentary “Democracy” is your element. You bribe politicians and judges; you lie to voters and create tensions which never existed before. You incite son against father, daughter against mother, brother against brother; you incite whole tribes, peoples, and nations against each other while creating chaos around the world.

Observing you and your doings for no one can deny their amazement how you create phoney values out of nothing with ease and how you muck-rake real values until they become worthless. Your talent for distracting the attention of the non-Jewish masses from the really important questions of life with your slippery tricks is really amazing. But as your stock exchange speculators can only create the illusion of wealth, so can your uncontested political nimbleness only create the illusion of freedom. With all your alleged intelligence and political fare-sightedness you really are convinced by the misconception to be able to create a better world for everyone, whilst in reality you achieve evilness to destroy everything you touch. Why should we take pity on you!

Do you really not notice how you suffocate us? With you around us we can’t breath, and our creativity is heavily impaired. Your people prove to be the masters of obfuscation, lie, deception, and dishonesty, by supplying us with selective information. Your efforts to alter the Aryan soul by manipulation can only create dissention and discord. In spite of you knowing us so well, you will never understand us after all, as we will never understand you, and there lies the danger.

We know that you take yourself for the most precious and most clever people on this earth, and you imagine enriching our life exceedingly. If we want to think rationally, we have to weigh one evil thing against the other: Your undeniable talent in some areas on one side against the devastating influence which you have collectively used to all possible aspects of our life. The worst is that your endeavors and objectives are directly opposite to our ideal of a fulfilled life.

We know that you have been persuaded that we hate you and that most of you believe this. For this reason your fanatic activists have undermined our constitution with so-called laws against “Incitement to hate”, which have been only adopted to secure you all sorts of advantages. But honestly: We don’t hate you. We hate your evil lies and the dishonest characteristic of your being. We hate your despicable actions. We hate that you collectively as a national and religious community want to force your immorality upon us; we hate your complete absence of ethical values, your weird, archaic ideology. We hate it when you fatten yourselves on the fruits of our labour and then claim it to have been achieved with your own efforts. We especially hate what you do to our children.

Therefore let it be known to you: Disappear out of our lives! Leave us simply in peace! You regard yourself as being superior to us and claim to be God’s own people. Demonstrate to us what you can do by forming a living state with your own strength; the parasitical state of Israel is evidently no such thing. When you depart, take all gold and all diamonds with you, which you have collected so eagerly; we don’t need them. But let’s exchange our cultural possessions: You take your Picassos, Oldenburgs, Rothkos, Warhols, and Epsteins with you and give us back our Rembrandts, Tizians, Dürers, Holbeins, and Michelangelos. An honest deal!

We give you what you fancy and we get back what delights our hearts – works of art, which reflect our mental needs. Just imagine, you can keep all of your “magnificent” abstract art, including all of the Holocaust memorials, just for yourselves! This should make you actually blissful! Our sincerest wishes will be with you, and we make a most solemn promise to never overrun you with a war and demand no part of your wealth, which you will – we hope – create for yourselves with your own power in some far-off land you can turn into an empire without killing innocent people and taking away their land and possessions!

Randulf Johan Hansen¨

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