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Asshole Zionist of the Year Nominee

How Little Danny "Dobby" looks today.

Danny "Disgraced and Dis-Barred
Dogshit" Dobsons picture before he removed it

Danny is a zionist who delights in promoting homosexuals, Arab slaughter, the killing of Christ, the censoring of any and all internet activity that is anti-Israel. He is also a suspicious as he has been reported for having a 12 year old boy visit his home to "talk" about "hate".
Some of Dobbys ID's he uses to infiltrate whitre groups and then delete them by reporting every post in that group as hate adn anti-semitic:

bigot_basher_2008 [he's got a lot of yahoo id variations of this]

I have more photos in "photoshopping" style, BUT FIRST [in a little bit I should say] some emails AS PROOF of Dobson's narcissistic personality. Please note that the David Icke yahoo group was DELETED [based on Dobson's LYING and WHIIIIINING] a few weeks after these emails:

Message #68045
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 04:04:28 -0000 To: From: "bigotbasher2008" Subject: Re: New file uploaded to DavidIcke
To the person who posted that file of me in the Nazi Uniform, thank you.
I think it is time for this group to go.

Message #68047
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 04:06:13 -0000 To: From: "scandal_sheet" Subject: Re: New file uploaded to DavidIcke
You may get rid of the offender Dann but you have no right to threaten the entire group. You owe a public apology to someone I believe. Then and ONLY then will I drop this.

Message #68048
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 04:07:41 -0000 To: From: "scandal_sheet" Subject: Re: New file uploaded to DavidIcke
Who in the world do you think that you are dann Dobson? You do not own this group nor do you have any right to scuttle it just to maintain your FAKE image.

Message #68061
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 04:42:10 -0000 To: From: "bigotbasher2008" Subject: Re: New file uploaded to DavidIcke - WHY THIS GROUP WILL BE DELETED
Scandal -
Nope, there are harrasing pictures in the photos section of this group. There is a picture of me with my face in a toilet, of me dressed in a Nazi uniform and me as dobby.\ JUihDElBDurBeMx8qk4QIMuk1uPv7-x6V3lfFx8zpZ2vJsE4Xpg/disbarreddan.jpg
Scandal, instead of getting mad at me for getting this group deleted, get mad at the individuals who posted these pictures of me, like Larry Lawson and Xena Carpenter.
They are the ones to blame.
- Dann Dobson ---------------------------------

What the heck is Dobson's problem you say? Dobson is not his real last name. His last name is Dubinsky and there's A LOT more INTERESTING things that Dubinsky DOES NOT want you to know about him:
Snipped from
Re: No Tears Over Dead Atheists Message posted by , 11 Jan 2007 13:34 Sorry, you don''t have a friggin'' clue what you''re talking about.
I, like my mother and father, am and an atheist and when they died hundreds of people attended.
Atheists are just like other people, we love, die, bleed. I would wager that a lot of the atheists I know are more moral than many-so-called"Christians".
Certainly most atheists are a lot more moral than you, and I would wager even more "Christian" when you write the hateful, bigoted and petty comments.
David Dubinsky
Snipped from

Now pay attention to this:
Snipped from
Dann Dobson wrote on Dec 29, 2005 7:58 PM:" Anthony Berry wrote "i think you are using the kkk for escape goats and you need to address the real issuse, and that is GAYS are not welcome in Gods world.." First, Tony your're showing your ignorance. The word is "scapegoats", not "escape goats". If you're going to use a big word at least use the right one. Secondly you speak for yourself, when you write that Gays are not welcome in your world or your church. We, on the other hand, welcome gays in our Temple, Shir Tekvah. In fact our Temple has a lesbian Rabbi who has a female partner. We founded our temple after she was kicked out of another Temple for coming "out". As a married straight man, neither my wife nor I feel threatened by gays or gay couples. God created all of us equally; black, white, yellow, red, gay and straight.
Snipped from

Do you see the hypocrisy here? How can Danny boy say he's an "atheist" and YET claim to "know God"? Does that make sense to you? Are you feeling sickened?

Not much can be said about "morals" when you read this:
From: To: nsdevildog Cc: New Jersey White National-shits , Subject: [holohoax2] Re: Ohio_NSM- Sorry slobby duh Duh Duh Dogsh*t Dobson! Date: 09/15/07 10:55
Markie -
It was I who called the hotel in Worthington about your little "White conference" and got it cancelled.
Do you really think I am only in your groups as "Dann Dobson"?
We are in all your groups with a variety of Aryan names and attend all of your meetings.
How much do you really know about "Aryan_Skinhead", the guy sending you messages or standing next to you at meetings or rallies yelling "Seig Heil"?
I am only one of a handful above ground monitoring you. For everyone of us above ground, we have ten moles inside your groups.
Dann Dobson ----------------------------------------

Dann Dobson claims to be a "lawyer", but his license to "practice" law was PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED! You can download this 1991 document and read for yourself WHY his license was suspended. You can also download this 1993 document and read for yourself the court's PERMANENT decision. Also download the Tarsney Document and read more about Dobson's "experience" as a shark in the courtroom.
In the Tarsney Document, please turn your undivided attention to page 49. Excerpted as follows:
"In addition, attorneys for the abortion industry in Minnesota have a history of lying in abortion cases. Before the case of Doe v. Gomez, the abortion industry was represented by Dan Dobson, Esq. Mr. Dobson was suspended from the practice of law for lying in an abortion case. He used the fictitious names of “Al Beiselman,” Dan Sieferman,” and Tim Stein” for himself in an abortion related case in violation of Minnesota ethics rules. (A copy of the relevant portion of his suspension order is attached hereto and made a part hereof as Exhibit 6.)
After Mr. Dobson’s suspension, the abortion industry was represented by Marc Kurzman, a partner in the firm of Kurzman, Grant and Ogala. Mr. Kurzman made a telephone call in an abortion related case in which he pretended to be someone else. He transcribed his deceit under the caption, “Transcript of Conversation in Support of Motion for Contempt and to Amend Injunctive Order” and filed it with the Court. (A copy of the transcript is attached hereto and made a part hereof as Exhibit 7.)" [Page 49]

Speaking of "impotent" threats............

Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 22:23:15 -0000 To: From: "Dann Dobson" Subject: A WARNING TO ALL THE SPAMMERS
This is a group for the discussion of Corvettes.
I intend to take this group back for that purpose.
I will promptly report any spammers to Yahoo and will go after your ID's if you post spam in here.
This is the only warning I will post.
David Dubinsky -------------------------------------

Does anyone DARE to continually question Danny boy's "mentality" when reading this:

Dann Dobson wrote: Subject: Roberto Solano's ID's To:
Now this one where Dobson gives ADVICE on getting groups or IDs deleted:
Re: [Group-Watch] A Group that needs to be deleted.
Our fellow group member John / deuscaritasest has been posting in Nazi_versus_ZOG and driving them crazy. A few hours ago, the moderator GordonFreeMantle, announced that he was banning John /deuscaritasest beacuse he was "spamming" them and urged people to turn his ID into Yahoo Abuse, after deuscaritasest said he was turning a particular offensive message into Yahoo.
Just a suggestion, if you are trying to get a group or ID deleted, ordinarily DO NOT TELL THEM.
They then can ban you from the group and you no longer have access to the messages you want to forward to the Abuse authorities. However, there is one good reason to tell them you are forwarding a message to an Abuse authority and that is, if you want to provoke a reaction. Telling these neo-Nazi groups that you are turning them into Yahoo Abuse is a sure way to get called hate names, which then you can in turn to forward Yahoo or AOL Abuse.
Also they, well at least GordonFreeMantle, are finally going after our ID's. If you are identified as a bigot fighter as deuscaritasest and I were, they will immeidately turn your ID into Yahoo Abuse. I lost dddobson2, which I primarily used for years for local political discussions after I responded to them. When communicating with them, individaully or their groups, create a disposable ID you can afford to lose. I have now created and am using my late father's name, before he changed it, David Dubinsky. (I feel him smiling everytime I use it.) ---------------------------------------------

The question that needs to be asked:

I know that most don't care about history of houses, but here is a tidbit of info about the "house" Disbarred Danny owns:
Snipped from
801-803 Goodrich Avenue: Oliver Crosby House; Built in 1886 (1891 according to Ramsey County property tax records); O'Meyer & Thori, architects. The structure is a two story, 4704 square foot, five bedroom, four bathroom, aluminum/vinyl-sided house, with a detached garage. This structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of the historic Hill District. Oakland Cemetery Association records indicate that Reuel A. Durkee and Robert H. Patterson both resided at 803 Goodrich Avenue in 1884. According to the 1910 federal census, the pastor of the Woodland Park Baptist Church, Reverend W. A. Hill, resided at this address. The Woodland Park Baptist Church was organized in 1883, was located on Laurel Avenue at the southeast corner with Victoria Avenue, and had a membership in 1910 of 282. Oakland Cemetery Association records indicate that Deborah Hill (1911-1911,) the infant daughter of Rev. William Austin Hill, who was born in Minnesota to parents who were born in the United States, who died of toxemia-erysipelas, and whose body was removed to Boston Massachusetts, resided at this address in 1911. The 1930 city directory indicates that Mrs. Minnie G. Smith, the widow of J. Watson Smith, Hayden L. Stright, the general secretary of the Minnesota Council of Religious Education, and his wife, Ruth B. Stright, all resided at this address. Hayden L. Stright was the author of Stright Genealogy, In Particular John Warnock and Elvira Hall Stright, Their Descendants and Ancestors, published in 1973 or 1974 by The Brings Press. Hayden L. Stright also was the author of Together: the Story of Church Cooperation in Minnesota, published in 1971 by Denison Press. The last sale of this property was in 1997 and the sale price was $272,500. The current owner of record of the property is Daniel D. Dobson. Dan Dobson was associated with the No Stadium Tax Coalition in Spring, 2004, and is a member of the Summit Hill Association. Sandra Gilbert, involved in adimistration for Land America, who resided at this address in 2004, was a contributor to the Howard Dean for President campaign in 2004.
Snipped from

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