Monday, May 4, 2009

What Happens When We Put An Affirtmative Action Negroid In Charge

Breaking News!!!

May 2, 2009
In 60 minutes, at 5:30 pm PT (8:30 pm ET), TODAY, Sat, May 2, tune in to the Political Cesspool (on the Internet at ) with James Edwards and Winston Smith, when Edgar J. Steele will discuss, live, the following breaking story:
Idaho Constitution Party Chairman Paul Venable has just rejected Edgar Steele's application for rank-and-file membership in the Idaho State chapter of the Constitution Party.
This outrageous action follows Venable's earlier pledge to "find someone" to run against Steele in the 2010 Idaho Constitution Party primary election for nomination for Governor if Edgar Steele decides to run.
Already a member of the National Constitution Party, Steele has voted a straight Constitution Party ticket since the days when it was called the Taxpayers' Party and has raised extensive contributions and votes for Constitution Party candidates in the past, most recently Chuck Baldwin, who ran for President on the Constitution Party ticket in 2008. Like Baldwin, who merely is "affiliated" with the Constitution Party, Steele previously has avoided joining parties or groups so as to maintain the degree of separation necessary for credibility both in courtrooms and outside them.
Followers of Steele's writings know what an ardent proponent of the Constitution Party he has been, not to mention the US Constitution. Steele also has extensively defended the constitutional rights of the politically oppressed in America in courtrooms up and down the West Coast.
The current Chairman of the Idaho Constitution Party is a Black man who disapproves of Steele's writings on race relations in America. The irony of his now rejecting Edgar Steele for mere membership in the State chapter of the party will not be lost upon students of the Constitution, since that denial effectively denies Steele many of the rights guaranteed every American under the US Constitution.
Listen in live in one hour as Steele explains why the racial pendulum has swung much too far in America and now must be returned to center.

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