Thursday, May 28, 2009

TVs Deadliest Warrior, Survivor and John & Cate, OH MY!

You know, everyday I find a reason to get pissed off. Take this new bullsh*t show "Deadliest Warrior" where the jewish producers take long dead warriors and make up a fake battle and decide the outcome, according to the jews. Now, I know there's nothing wrong with a healthy imagination, in a child, but the whole ideology that they shove down our throat along with this fake fight bullsh*t, is what really pisses me off. it doesn't take long to see their agenda.
John and Cate: what can I say? I never saw that stupid show because basically, another race-mixing WHORE and some wetback, sh*t-skinned moron doresn't appeal to me. Hell, I can see THAT type of trash everyday when I drive through Piqua. Now, because he cheated on that whore, (naaaaw! a wetback that cheats on his wife?? ) she get's do do whatever it it white trash whores do: get on TV and make money off of it. personally? Keep sh*t lie that off the air and we'll be better off.
I like the show "Survivor". I'm a survivalist and it always amazes me how many stupid people there are who can't even fish or make a friggin' snare. Then, to top it off, they now have the members who got voted off, for being two-faced, lying, cheating douchebags or well, for any reason, to be on a council to vote to see who wins. What a load of sh*t! Let the meanest, nastiest, most conniving f**ker out there win! That's why they call it f**king SURVIVOR! and f**k all those who got voted off! Newsflash: YOU'RE ALL LOSERS! Ironically, a nice, honest straight white guy beat the jew this time. HA!
That's the rant for now. Time to go smash the jew tube....

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