Thursday, May 28, 2009

Claim Tomorrow and Tomorrow Belongs to US!

Claim Tomorrow!
Are you tired of your rights, the rights of our people being ignored or trampled upon--of being treated as if you or any of our people have no rights worth honoring or respecting? Are you tired of so-called civil rights or civil liberties spokesman who seem to feel that civil or constitutional rights are for everyone but our Eurofolk people? Are you tired of politicians, religious spokesmen, business leaders or others, some of whom like to occasionally talk as if they are for at least some of our people, but who seem unable to comprehend that the Constitution and Bill of Rights should and do apply to our Eurofolk, especially when our people are the ones who wrote it? Are you tired of "organizations" or "leaders" who are unwilling or unable to even begin to think about effectively standing up for the rights of our people? You need no longer be made to feel weak, frustrated, defeated or hopeless! You now have a voice and a means to begin to seriously, genuinely and effectively stand up for your rights and the rights of all our Eurofolk. You now have Liberty Rights Advocates (LibRA), a Eurofolk, patriotic, civil rights association.
LibRA is already emerging as the voice for our political prisoners, a voice they have long needed but never had before. Members of our association already have been involved in civil rights litigation, and have already won some victories, including the Supreme Court decision upholding the Religious Land Use & Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA), a law designed to protect and defend the religious rights of not just prisoners, but of every citizen. We have engaged in several lobbying, public education and other activities, and are planning to actively participate in various political efforts, such as voters initiatives. So far we have had more successes than failures, more wins than losses. We are establishing a track record of success.
Whether you are confronted with anti-Eurofolk discrimination, infringement upon your right to the free exercise of your religion, deprivation of First Amendment rights, or other constitutional rights issues, methods and strategies we are successfully using to stand up for the rights of prisoners we can, should–and will–use to effectively stand up for the rights of our people who are not in prison.
If you intend to be a serious pro-Eurofolk, patriotic or nationalist activist, or to be actively involved in advocacy for issues self-appointed thought police arrogantly deem "politically incorrect," or even if you just realize that the oppressive squeeze of growing dispossession of our people and of an ever encroaching tyranny will only become increasingly more unbearable unless something is done about it, you need LibRA. If you are now finally serious about wanting to effectively stand up for your rights and the rights of all of our people, and realize that to achieve that purpose you must finally become involved in a serious-minded effort with positive direction and real purpose, then you can and should–indeed, you'd be a fool not to–join and support Liberty Rights Advocates.
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