Friday, May 8, 2009

David Duke: Arrest Is A Suppression of Human Rights!

David Duke: My Proof to the Czech People that My Arrest is a Suppression of
Human Rights
Why I am not guilty of any "Thought Crimes" in the Czech Republic. By Dr. David

After jailing me in violation of my human rights, I have no personal interest
in visiting the Czech Republic again, but if it is decided that my human rights
of conscience and speech will be violated by continuation of charging me with
crimes related to free speech, I will certainly come back to Czech Republic to
defend myself and to defend that most precious freedom of free speech. Freedom
of thought and speech is the freedom upon which that all other human rights
rest. If it becomes necessary for me to return to defend myself I will do so. In
the unfortunate media frenzy that will ensue, I will expose to the people of
your fine country and to the world — how human rights are being trampled on - in
a fashion completely unworthy of the heroes of your great history.

Every true Czech should value freedom of speech, especially after decades of
brutal suppression of freedom of speech by the Bolsheviks. How many of you; how
many of your fathers and mothers endured imprisonment, torture or even death for
exercising their God-given human right of freedom of speech. They stood up
bravely no matter how the communists tried to criminalize their free speech.
Slowly, the same kinds of human rights violations are creeping into your land
and across Europe. Journalists are always

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