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Who Is Financing the Hate Crimes Bill?

We can NOT live with perverted, deviant, dusease-spreading, child-molesting PARASITES like these. They MUST be REMOVED!

Federal hate crimes bill S. 909 has now passed the House of Representatives and
is in the Senate Judiciary Committee. As we anticipate Tuesday morning's
probable Senate Judiciary hearing on this bill, we should ask, "Who is behind
this unthinkable, pedophile-protecting bill?"

Leaders of the Christian conservative right quickly respond, "Liberals and the
homosexual lobby!"

Yes, these two groups lead a list as long as your arm of hate bill supporters.
They inhabit the perverted legislative whore-house called "hate crimes law." Yet
they did not design and build the house. To know who did, visit
<>, the website of the Anti-Defamation League of
B'nai B'rith. There, ADL proudly boasts of their
"<>model anti-hate law" and persuading
45 US states to adopt it.

ADL's orchestration of hate laws in over 55 Western nations, in addition to the
US, is a long, dark story. This article presents a brief chronology of their
conspiracy to steal freedom of speech. That attempt is now reaching a momentous
climax, for good or evil, in the US Senate.

What is ADL?

B'nai B'rith (Sons of the Covenant) is an international Jewish religious,
fraternal and educational, liberal activist organization. It describes itself as
the heart and soul of organized world Jewry. It was founded in New York City in
the mid-nineteenth century to further Jewish interests and community in America.
In 1913, their Anti-Defamation League was created, ostensibly to combat emerging

ADL/B'nai B'rith does not represent the thinking of all Jews. Most American Jews
are liberal (AP reported 81% voted for House Democrats in 2009); but a minority
vehemently oppose ADL's secularist agenda and bullying tactics. Rabbi Daniel
Lapin warns that ADL (which he calls secular Judaism) is "in relentless attack"
on evangelical Christians. His website has even listed a toll-free number for
Christians and conservatives to call and report harassment and accusations of
"anti-Semitism" from ADL. (1)

Today, there are roughly 200,000 members of B'nai B'rith International (with
chapters and lodges in 55 Western nations). Many are Jewish activists who work
behind the scenes in governments to pass hate crimes legislation and run hate
crimes bureaucracies. ADL efforts have been spectacularly successful. Whether in
California, Canada, Iceland, England or Australia-ADL's terminology, twisted
definitions and pretexts for hate crime indictments are identical. ADL phrases
such as "bias-motivated hate crime," "gender identity," "actual or perceived
sexual orientation," etc., are enshrined in the hate crime laws of most Western
industrialized nations today. If a yellow plastic arch rises from an urban
horizon in Beijing, you know it comes from McDonald's in America. So, too, we
recognize ADL when pastors in Holland or Australia are indicted for "hate
speech," slapped with severe penalties and physically and financially exhausted
in endless attempts to get free
from hate crime indictment. ADL of America and Canada, ADL Europe, and ADL
Australia are the super-powerful architects and enforcers of hate laws on three

How powerful is ADL? Congressman John Rarrick (in the Congressional Record
December 6, 1971) quoted Senator Jack Tenney of California: "The FBI and CIA are
tinker toys compared to ADL."

A History of Hate for Christian Values

Let's trace ADL/B'nai B'rith creation of hate laws over the past 38 years.

1971. After ten years lobbying, B'nai B'rith Canada and the Canadian Jewish
Congress persuaded Ottawa to enact their federal "anti-hate" law, the Canadian
Human Rights Act. Its Sec. 319 and subsequent provincial hate laws criminalize
any speech even "likely" to cause hatred or contempt against specially federally
protected groups-especially homosexuals, Jews, Muslims, immigrants, but never

1985. ADL began massive programs to end "bias," "hate," and Christian
"homophobia" in American businesses, local governments and schools. Since its
inception, ADL's World of Difference program has instructed, according to ADL,
"more than 375,000 elementary and secondary school teachers, responsible for
nearly 12 million students" toward "tolerance" of homosexuality.(2)

1988. ADL sponsored a nationwide competition open to all law students in
America, to craft a "model" anti-hate law for the US. Jewish law student Joseph
Ribikoff won first prize with his proposal to criminalize all
Christian/conservative leaders who criticize homosexuality as well as all loyal
members. (3) Through the 1990s, ADL persuaded roughly 45 states to adopt some
version of its refined model hate law. Visit <> for
detailed charts about states' implementation. During this time ADL also
established hate law bureaucracies throughout Europe.

1990. ADL was convicted in a California court of violating the civil rights of
more than 10,000 conservatives, pro-lifers, members of the political right and
Muslims on whom ADL had spied over the years, keeping secret surveillance files.
(4) My father and I were listed in these files gathered in cooperation with West
coast police departments.

1990. Congress passed ADL's Hate Crimes Statistics Act. It mixed synagogue with
state, making ADL the hate laws teacher to the US Justice Department, FBI and
every police precinct in America. Since then, ADL's twisted definitions, hate
law enforcement methods, and criteria for statistics reporting inform the
thinking and reflexes of the US law enforcement system. (5)

1998. ADL introduced its Hate Crimes Prevention Act to Congress, confident of
easy passage. Republican leaders in the House and Senate instructed everyone to
vote for it. Yet independent-thinking Republicans, dominating Conference between
the House and Senate, examined the bill closely. Aghast at its sinister
intentions, they stripped it out. Since then, ADL's federal hate bill has been
reintroduced and defeated by Republicans in every session of Congress. Today,
with a Democrat-dominated government, ADL eagerly anticipates victory: an
ADL-dominated hate crimes bureaucracy in America, ending free speech and
persecuting Christians from a hate crimes command center in Washington.

2004. Acting on authority of ADL's Pennsylvania hate law, ADL national executive
board member and Philadelphia DA Lynne Abraham arrested and imprisoned for 21
hours 11 Christians for the "hate crime" of peacefully witnessing to
homosexuals. Penalty if convicted of the seven charges would be 47 years in
prison and $90,000 fines each. After 3 months they were acquitted.

2004. ADL introduced their No Place for Hate program, which boldly encourages
American families to embrace homosexuality, same-sex marriage, etc. No Place for
Hate literature is promoted in Barnes and Noble bookstores and at local chapters
across the nation. One piece encourages families with young children to invite a
homosexual couple for an evening of dinner, fun and fellowship. This, ADL says,
will help destroy any "homophobic" attitudes developing in their young minds.

2004. ADL Europe and B'nai B'rith International set up a 56-member hate law
bureaucracy in Europe, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
(OSCE). They also persuaded the European Union and Council of Europe to promote
the ADL hate law agenda. As part of OSCE, ADL created the International Network
Against Cyber-Hate (INACH) dedicated to ending online "hate speech" (really,
free speech, such as criticism of homosexuality and Israel). (6)

2006. ADL persuaded Congress to create its Global Office of Anti-Semitism in the
US State Department. Every year this ADL front reports on an "epidemic" of
anti-Semitism gleaned from ADL statistics gathered worldwide. In last year's
report to Congress, it accused Christians who believe the New Testament account
that Jewish leaders had Christ crucified of being "classic anti-Semites"-as was
Adolf Hitler. (7) In Canada, any public statement that Jewish leaders killed
Christ is considered the hate crime of anti-Semitism, punishable by a minimum
$5,000 fine and prison if repeated.

2007. The ADL-inspired Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Act was
introduced into Congress. It would set up a federal commission to study and make
legislative recommendations to Congress on how to end Christian, conservative,
and far right "hate speech" that streams the internet, possibly inciting violent
hate crimes. It was unanimously passed by the House. (8)

2008. ADL, through Jewish lesbian activist and state Rep. Sheila Kuehl helped
pass California's SB777, banning criticism of homosexuality in public schools.
If any child now criticizes sodomy, he will be expelled. If a teacher or
administrator does, they are fired. (9) At the same time, ADL submitted an
extensive amicus brief to the California Supreme Court in favor of same-sex
marriage. (10) It undoubtedly influenced the Court's pro-homosexual decision.

2009. With another Jewish activist group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL
directed Missouri state police to consider white Christian conservatives, Ron
Paul supporters, tax and immigration protestors, pro-lifers, etc., as possible
domestic terrorists. (11) Soon after, Janet Nepolitano, who recently delivered
an extensive and flattering speech to an ADL convention, issued a very similar
directive from the Department of Homeland security, warning America of this
threat from the Christian conservative right. (12)

2009. ADL's federal hate crimes bill passed the House of Representatives
249-175. (13) The Senate version will probably be considered in the Senate
Judiciary Tuesday, May 12 at 10am EDT. (14)

ADL Hate Laws Target Christians

Get the picture? Do you see the trajectory of ADL's hate law agenda? It means
persecution of Christians and other free thinkers.

ADL is a cesspool of anti-Christian, anti-freedom social "civil rights"
initiatives. For decades its pipeline of legislative sewage has flowed directly
and interminably into Congress. If Americans defeat one ADL-inspired bill, ADL
has lined up six more. But unlike most evangelical Christians, ADL will never,
never give up-until it has created an "anti-hate" bureaucracy in America, like
Canada's, ending free speech.

What is ADL's ultimate objective? National director Abraham H. Foxman, author of
Never Again? The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism, is a devout Orthodox Jew. In
1991, he angrily vacated his seat in the Orthodox synagogue of Teaneck, New
Jersey, because he felt its members and leadership were not praying for Israel
as passionately as they should! (15) Foxman says he earnestly looks forward to
Israel's Biblically prophesied "messiah." Christians know this is not Jesus
Christ but that prophesied "man of sin" (John 5:43) whom Jesus said Jews would
someday accept in place of Himself. Contemporary Jewish activists, like Foxman,
think "the messiah is the Jewish people"- i.e., when Jewish power finally
ascends over Christians and Gentiles, Jewish power by itself will make "messiah"

Why does Foxman promote homosexuality, same-sex marriage, pornography (he gave
pornographers Hugh and Christy Hefner special "free speech" awards)? (16) Why do
ADL and other Jewish "civil liberties" groups, such as the ACLU (17), Southern
Poverty Law Center, People for the American Way, etc., do all they can to tear
down our crosses, Ten Commandments, manger scenes, Christian symbols (18) and
passionately support the killing of 50 million babies through abortion? For that
matter, why did the Jewish forefathers of these Jewish supremacists invent and
facilitate Communism and socialism (liberalism)-dedicated to breaking down the
capitalist free enterprise system? (19) Why does Jewish-dominated media (20)
relentlessly corrupt our morals and those of our children, casting aspersions
(as in the Da Vinci Code) on the deity and legitimacy of Christ? (21)


The Jewish supremacists of ADL/B'nai B'rith know that if Christian nations
remain strong, virtuous and industrious, they will never realize their messiah
in sovereignty over the nations, ruling the world from Jerusalem. (22)

Even if Christian or conservative leaders know of such demonic aspirations, they
will never say it. ADL has them convinced they will be ruined if they do-smeared
as "anti-Semites" and abandoned by Israel-first followers who have been
conditioned to loathe any hint of criticism of "God's chosen people."

If America is to survive, this must change. ADL has brought us the very brink of
slavery-intending to herd America into a one-world, international police state.
A great abyss of darkness lies just before us.

But it's we who should push ADL back into this abyss of its own making.
Everyone, leaders and followers, should speak out against ADL now! When we
collectively identify ADL as the greatest threat to freedom in our history, it
will be ADL, not us, who will be ruined.

How can we stop ADL? Begin by defeating its federal hate crimes bill S. 909, now
entering a probable first hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Tuesday May
12 at 10am EDT.

Call your senators and the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. If you
have time, call all the senators. Their names are listed on the Action page here
at Call 1-877-851-6437 toll-free or 1-202-225-3121 toll.
Tell them, "If the senator votes for the pedophile-protecting hate bill, I and
all my friends will never, never forgive or forget!"


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