Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Questions to ask a jew

1) What is racism?

2) Racial pride: the double standard.

3) If integration is so great, why do we need so many laws to enforce it?

4) Is it racism, or freedom of choice?

5) White guilt: is it a terminal disease?

6) White self-hatred, the only "hatred" whites are allowed to have.

7) If there's only one seat on a bus, and a black man is sitting beside it, is
it racist to remain standing?

8) Can a white girl refuse the advances of a black man and not be a racist?

9) If a black man is pounding on your door at 10 pm, is it racist to

a) simply refuse to answer it?
b) call the police?
c) rack a shell in your shotgun so that the black man hears it?

10) If a Jew is an anti-zionist, does that make him an anti-semite?

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