Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Sub-Human Negroid Influence On Our White Daughters

Miley Cirus is a beautiful, talented 16 year old girl , who's career is at a
pinnacle . She is also white and innocent however she has been given advice to
change her behavior by the black man , Jamie Foxx . He says to her " Make a sex
tape and grow up" . Grow up the way the Black man wants her too .The Black man
also went on to say " Get like Britney Spears and do some heroin ." Jamie Foxx ,
went on to say " Do like Lindsey Lohan and get some crack in your pipe , that's
what I want ." The Black man went on to say on his Sirius satellite radio show .

Now folk's looking back on the new's cast showing Lindsey Lohan getting into her
car late at night after attending a party there were Black men in her car ,
around her in the background also with Britney Spears black men show up in her
entourage . This is what they think too , these innocent white girls need some
crack or heroin so they will behave the way " I want them too.' They will be
vulnerable , they will lose their mind and the Black man can lead them down the
path to degrading behavior . The Black influence on the White population is what
has brought our young daughter's to the life they are living today .

The Black man has been held up high on a pedestal by our government , who is
manipulated by the NAACP and our people are falling into the slime that the
Black's yearn for them too . Associating with Black's is greatly reinforced by
not only the government , who leads the way however by the movie industry , the
music industry and the educational system which is a pawn of the government ,
which has now fallen under total control of the left wing extremist and are
about to attack any white man or women that does their dead level best to defend
our people , our country our christian faith in God. What Jamie Foxx has said on
his Satellite radio show reflects the mind set of 98% of all the Black men in
the entire world !

If we say anything to disagree with this evil we will be threatened with our
freedom and we will be categorized as racist , hate monger's . They want to pull
the wool over our eye's so bad . They want to bring us down to their level so
bad and they have succeeded so well , have they not . Now Homeland Defense has
issued to the news media that right wing extremism is on the rise . These agents
are doing nothing more than defending the Black degradation that we are
surrounded by . No one ever brings up the awful behavior of the Black race and
the destruction of the White race .

Until we have moved the entire Black population back to the African continent
all of our lives are in jeopardy , our morals are being influenced everyday
these African's remain in our , once moral country .

In case your reviewing this humble writing Mr. and Mrs. Homeland Security , this
is not racial hatred , this is love for America and love for my race . This is
not Nazi speak or any other group you might want to categorize me in , it is
from awareness of what has been happening in America for decades and now has
come to fruition .

What side are you on Homeland Defense ? You want your daughter's out smoking
crack with Jamie Foxx ? It seems that you do , you have lost your morals
Homeland Defense - Your president is an Left Wing Extremist and you say nothing
- You just attack what is left of America . I am not afraid to tell you all that
I believe in Jesus and in his word and I fear you , Homeland Defense for my
freedom , for my life and the life of my family !

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