Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bill Nye the Science Lemming

The other night I was so bored that I decided to see what the show "Stuff Happens" was all about. Bill Nyes face popped up and my first thought was "Well, he still dresses like a friggin' idiot." and the show just went downhill from there.
This particular show was about cows, flatulance, the ozone, global warming and the hype to become a tree-hugging, soy-slurping vegetarian. Billy tells us that it's the 1.5 million cows farting, and not the space shuttle punchhing 15 mile wide holes in the ozone every time it blasts off, nor is it the estimated 800 billion drivers all over the world ( ) that is causing all our global warming problems. Of course it's those meat eaters, and good ol' Billy was practically drooling out the anti-meat message to our kids.
He tells us tuna is bad as it's full of mercury, which, is a fact, but not for the reasons he tells. Un-safe ecological practices are the causes for that and not because too many of them are being over-fished. You have the Japanese on one hand, fishing like pirates and then the US, who violates as many rules as the next country. supply and demand is what it's all about and those who own the companies, mainly the jews (don't believe me? Try finding non-kosher tuna!) who don't care about anything except their own greed and the destruction of our environment. Look who ownes those pesky coal-burning power plants! Those people are the culprits, not Charlie tuna!
Bill also goes on to compare the water saved from eating tofu vs beef and that becoming a veggie-tarian that we'll make such a monumentous impact that I can perhaps see a real live dodo again. Well, here's my perspective on that: I, nor any of my relatives and ancestors climbed, scratched, bit, clawed and fought to the top of the food chain just to eat friggin' vegetables! I've never seen a vegan body builder or a vegan athlete worth a darn. You mutts can keep your genetically-altered soy burgers and your falafal salads. I'll take a medium porterhouse with sauteed shrooms and a bottle of A-1. My great-great grandparents ate massive amounts of beef, pork and chicken daily as well as mugs full of milk. They all lived well into their 90's. How can we with all the crap, literally, in and on our foods? Perhaps if we deported all the lettuce and spinach patch crapping wetbacks, we could have enough proud Americans doing that job with a bit of pride adn sanitation. Oh, but that would cost the jew slave laborers too much.
The point I'm making is how the jew-owned media is telling our kids so many false and mis-leading 'facts' and is only self-serving itself. Myself, I'm sticking to organic gardening (no gene-screwed corn or veggies for me) and my farm-raised local beef and pork.
Until Uncle Scam decides to make that illegal too.

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