Sunday, April 19, 2009

Columbine-They Weren't Loners or Goths: They Were JEWS!

They weren't goths or loners. They were jews!
April 16th, 2009 by AngryGentile

Have you ever noticed the trigger words or phrases used in the media to grab
your attention and trigger an emotional response to a person or event even
though it may be totally unwarranted? It is a very effective tool that is used
to twist things around and get people to forget the facts and remember only what
they've been manipulated into believing.

Here's a simple example from THIS ARTICLE in
USA TODAY describing the killers in the Columbine massacre:

"Harris drew swastikas in his journal; Klebold drew hearts."

That's all that's needed to brainwash the public that these two murderers were
some kind of crazed white supremacists, forget everything else. The public's
heartstrings had been pulled which opened up the door for the passage of ever
more restrictive legislation being passed against us to strip us of our
freedoms, specifically the right to bear arms. Never mind the fact that these
two murderous monsters were actually jews, weren't bullied, not on psychiatric
drugs, and had no good reason for committing such heinous acts other than it
comes naturally to members of their tribe.

Dylan Klebold is the son of a good shul-trained, synagogue attending jewess and
the daughter of one Leo Yassenoff, who was not only a very wealthy real estate
developer in Columbus Ohio but a very prominent figure in the Jewish community
and his local congregation of Temple Israel.

Eric Harris, who at first, seemed like a goy sayanim, in fact, not only dated a
jewish girl but admitted in his diary that his mother was jewish, thus making
him a jew under Talmudic law.

These two jewish monsters killed 13 and wounded 24 and hoped to kill many, many
more, only the poor design of the bombs they made stopped them from detonating
and doing just that. HERE is more
information about these two kosher butchers.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree some answers might come out of the
traps of the despicable parents of these two monsters but a court ordered
deposition to the victim's parents taken from them in 2003 is sealed until 2027.

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