Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Contribution to the Bullsh*t holohoax Rememberance Day!

Today, in honor of the 700,000 dead Communistic, treasonous, traitorous, back-stabbing jews who died while being imprisoned for crimes against the state, subversion, treason or terroristic activities against the Christian countries of Germany and Austria, I had a small bon fire.
If I had an out door grill, I would have used that. But I threw a pack of Hebron kosher hotdogs on the fire. Well, first I skewered them in a stick. I also made sure to include a circular cut about an inch below the end of the hot dogs. That way when they fry up, they look like their disgusting little kosher jew penises. I'll bet the thought of a kosher penis makes alot of rabbis water at the mouth, just thinking about sucking that fresh blood off a new 1" jew weiner. Do you know what the rabbi says when he sucks the blood off a circumcised dick? "Oy VEY! I'm just a 'rusty fish- hook' away from being finished. " Or how about "I'm almost done! I just have to go up and down about 50 more times...." . What kind of diusgusting people actually WANT to suck new born baby dicks after they mutilate them?? JEWS.
Now some of you may ask, what happened then?? Well, I'll tell you, I left those little kosher schlongs on the fire until they fell off and then I made sure they got cremated really good and then I took a big healthy piss all over the ashes. Because, well, frankly, THAT'S what I think about the filthy God damn jews and their bullshit holohoax lies!
How about a Day of Rememberance for the 66 MILLION Christians the filthy jews killed in Russia from 1918 to 1952?? Where's OUR Holocaust Museum? Oh, THAT'S right! It's not fucking JEWISH enough! Maybe if our so-called Christian preachers got off their asses and quit sucking all that jew-TV pawned stations and started actually representing Christians...
If the holcaust ACTUALLY happened the way the jews say it did, then we would be CELEBRATING it instead of DENYING it!
To all you holohoax survivors, well, it's been a GAS! I know you're all just DYING to get to the nursing home, where you can reproduce because we know that every year, more of you come crawling out of the woodwork. What do they give you jews in your enemas? Viagra?? Perhaps if you kike sons of bitches hadn't killed all the Germans, we could hear the TRUTH about WWII instead of your media lies and bullshit hype and lies.


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