Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ozzys Remove Christian symbols In Hospital So Muzzies aren't Offended

Australia hospital removes Christian symbols from chapel to avoid offending Muslims

Even though the hospital already has a Muslim prayer room. Dhimmitude in Oz: "The chapel without a crucifix," by Paul Tatnell for the Mosman Daily, April 8

THE home of God at Royal North Shore hospital has fallen victim to a higher power - the (JEWISH-RUN) State Government bureaucracy.

The Mosman Daily has learnt that crucifixes, Bibles and all other Christian symbols are banned inside the hospital’s chapel when it is not being used for a church service. (BUT, it will STILL allow the Satanic Star of David and other non-Christian symbols)

The move, ordered by senior staff, is to avoid offending Muslims, Hindus or other non-Christian believers who may want to pray in the chapel.

(JEWISH) Hospital staff say that while the chapel was built for Christians, they now want the chapel to be completely non-denominational. An inspection of the chapel last week by the Daily found no trace of a crucifix or any other religious symbol inside the chapel.

The Daily has been told that church leaders must bring their own symbols to use in a service.

The chapel building also contains a separate Muslim prayer room....

A (PC liberal, zionist, ass-sucking) hospital spokeswoman said the rule change came after “the chapel was enhanced with the provision of a Muslim prayer space in the loft area”.

“At that time the decision was made to display the symbols of each faith, for example the chapel’s cross and Bible, during specific services and ceremonies only,” she said.

“These important religious symbols are appropriately stored and used regularly. This decision was made out of respect for the many faiths that make up both the hospital and also the modern Australian community.”

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