Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Israel Is (NOT) Helping the Middle East

1- 70% of its doctors have emigrated.

2- It has lost more than 5,500 of its scientists and academics, killed, imprisoned, or emigrated.

3- 70% of its hospitals have minimum standard performance, below the required standards in the remnants of what is destroyed, raided, or stolen.

4- 90% of medicines in pharmacies is neither analysed nor is it registered or is bad or corrupt and contaminated; it is brought on to the black market across the borders by ghost companies and a country in which thousands of unlicensed pharmacies and drug depots exist, run by people who are not pharmacists.

5- Its hospitals are used as centers for ethnic and sectarian physical liquidation and terror by the militias.

6- The Ministry of Health is part of a sectarian quota division system that specifies the identity of the minister and the directors general and is controlled by the theocratic political parties as well as the religious and sectarian militias. It is an institution in which financial and administrative corruption prevails and according to the Transparency Committee, more than 2 Billion US Dollars have disappeared as a result of phony ghost contracts and bribery.

7- There is no supervisory or monitoring role to be mentioned by the present parliamentarians who are doctors, but on the contrary, their interference may cause a negative effect on the size and the nature of the financial and administrative corruption.

8- Widespread mental illness and drug addiction and the widespread growth of opium poppy plantations and opium for the first time since occupation.

9- Alteration of basic medical purchase requirements and their replacement with insignificant lists and invoices..

10- The spread of epidemics and the loss of credibility of all statistics and the lack of statistics of cholera, Measles, Diphtheria and Whooping Cough, and Toxoplasmosis and a worsening situation of Tuberculosis and HIV Aids.

11- Unsafe imported foods.

12- A rise of incidence in cancer and the nature of the registered cases recently and a rise in cases of congenital malformation as due to the aggravated complications as a result of radioactive pollution and the burning down of trees. Pollution of rivers, as a result of the collapse of the sewage system, particularly in the Middle and the South caused by the use of Depleted Uranium and White Phosphorous as well as Cluster Bombs, and the prevention by the occupation forces of remedial measures and surveys to discover the polluted locations for sterilization and cleansing.

13- The proliferation of landmines in the sites of the old wars, as well as unexploded ordinance, especially in Basra and in the border areas.

14- Loss of cooperation and harmony with the humanitarian and voluntary organizations, such as the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and others, as well as financial corruption in the Iraqi Red Crescent Society, and the escape outside Iraq, of its President with US protection.

15 - Lack of medicines and supplies and, as well as minimal financial allocations, since they did not exceed 4% of the overall budget allocations in the best of cases, and because of rampant corruption.

16 - Lack of safe potable water for more than 70% of the population and the continuing lack of electricity as well as the lack of proper sanitation.

17 - The highest rates of infant and newborn mortality in the world.

18 - In Iraq after the occupation:

o More than five million are displaced.

o More than 4 million are below poverty level.

o Approximately, 2 million widows.

o Five million orphans.

o Insufficient food for more than eight million.

o More than 400,000 have been detainees and prisoned.

o More than 28% of the population is unemployed. ........"
See the full text of Dr. Omar Al–Kubaisy's speech
Brussels, Belgium.
March 18th, 2009

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