Thursday, September 17, 2009

Random Thoughts and Irritants


there's a show which I've written about before, "The Colony". basically, a bunch of people are in a post-apocolyptic wasteland in LA. Not really too hard to imagine if you've ever bem there. Full of criminal wetabck scum, nigger scum and they are all out to kill, rape and steal from you. Last week the fucking JEW, John Cohen, got his wife into the group. fucking NICE for him! And talk about FUGLY! dirty, nappy-headed, big hook nose, almost a uni-brow thing going on. Fffffuuuuuuuuuuuu......... Mike of course, the loud-mouthed hot head is busted STEALING from a place that is OPENLY and OBVIOUSLY being lived in and HE steals gas and some other sjit. They all get caught and he gets his little solar panels smashed for his trouble.
Now personally, as soon as we were all introduced, I would lay out the law about one Alpha Male being in charge and by the Gods, I'd bash some other fuckers head in and TAKE control. And the first time some fat-ass nigger bitch started flapping her big mouth I'd crucify her and stick her outside as a warning to others. Anyone ever play "Fallout 3"???? Get it!


Current Tv is presently sucking ass. Nothing like a liberal, kike-sucking TV station to piss me off and THEN, when you leave a comment on their bullshit forum, those cocksuckers take it down for not being PC. I HATE fuckers like that! And I hate the faggots they promote!
They did a show about how th epoor fucking jews have it so hard in Gaza. They all had paintings, tapistries, food, nice clothes, beds and furniture while the Arabs have plain walls and a mattress to sleep on. Fuck those cocksucking, genocidal socio-parasites.


The affirmative action Japanese so-called "Dr" Machio Kaku, who does 90% of the science shows on the "Science Channel" is telling us now that we have a dormant black hole at the center of our galaxy. That's right folks, a DORMANT black hole. What a stupid motherfucker! WHO the fuck does he think will believe that bullshit? So, this supposedly most powerful vacuum known to man, just all of a sudden takes a shit on us and stops what it's doing, just like that? What a fucking idiot! Plugs up just like some great big fucking cosmic shitter? That HAS to be the biggest load of bullshit I've heard since the fucking kikies said 6 million jews died in WWII.
First of all, our galaxy is spinning clock-wise, no black hole at its center and despite the bullshit on jews news, our galactic center is a hotbed of new stars and such. ANYone who has looked at it with a telescope can tell us that. This Dr. Kaku is full of shit and should be permanently banished from teaching.

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