Thursday, September 3, 2009

Faggots on TV: Gayngels...sheesh!

I've been semi-following a blog on about some fag show called "Gangels". Now don't ask me what it
's about, because I haven't bothered to watch it. Why the f**k would I?? IT'S ABOUT FILTHY FAGGOTS! After I posted "Fag FActs" on their forum, I got THIS little message from some pussy dildo-polisher :
*shakes his head in disbelief*

God hates you, akingu. Every disgusting part of your sad sad soul, bound for hell because of your hateful and sinful ways.

See, doesn't feel so good, does it?

Hate is a useless, petty, HUMAN emotion. Why in the world would God need to hate anyone, and why would be make people that way, if he knew t would condemn them to hell? Think about it. I'm probably asking too much.


Now this little cyber eunuchs name is J.M. Romig, a hypocritical, pissy, bitchy, whiney, out-of-the-closet ass-licker faggot. Yes, he's a cocksucker in the most literal sense. his wittle webpage is
Notice how the first statement out of his dicksucker is "God hates you" and then he goes on to ask "why would God hate.."? Is this asshole fucking CONFUSED or WHAT?? Brett Erlich is his celebrety crush. Give me a BREAK!
Instead of questioning ME about how God can or can't hate, he should ask how many pedaphile victims have had the satisfaction of justice from the fags who raped them?
Stupid, hypocritical faggots like this Bible-spewing, know-nothing really piss me off. But then I remember that God has already spoken to faggots like him with a big dose of AIDS right up their asses.
I'd tell him to shove his hypocricy up his ass, but his heads in the way.

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