Friday, September 18, 2009

random rants and such


Patrick Swayze, we miss you already! An incredible actor and athlete, he will be always remembered for his great movies such as "Roadhouse" and "Ghost". Thank God no fucking nigger pedophiles died during this week or we'd never know Swayze was dead.


The newest group of pussies are up for embarrassment on UFCs new season. Nothing like a bunch of nigger ex NFL players to try to make it as fighters. Christ! It USED to be really cool! No crybabies, no weight classes, all fighter. Now that the fucking kikes have taken it over and made it a kike corporation, they take anyone they want with no talent or skill! Everything a kike touches turns to shit!


Survivor-Samoa. Well, right off the bat, I can see that the entire group is a bunch of brain-dead idiots, spiggers, pussy white males and white nigger loving whores. Needless to say, this show won't be watched by me. The jew oil guy is stealing clothes, dumping their water and needs to be gassed. Nothing like a conniving, insipid, lying kike to mess up a perfectly good show.


Obama is all worried about Irans long range missles. the SERIOUS fucking question is who gives a fuck?? They won't use it America. We're too far away. The filthy land-stealing, baby-sniping JEWS are the ones who have to worry! Well, not really, seeing as those cocksuckers have over 300 nukes to Irans 3. This morning on Fox & Friends, some bald cocksucker with glasses, Peter something, was whining about poor israel. FUCK ISREAL! Let Iran nuke Jerusalem into a sea of molten glass! Kill as many kikes as possible!

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  1. LMAO, about the end part and well all of it I guess except about the Patrick Swayze bit, and yes 'Thank God no fucking nigger pedophiles died during this week' he was a hell of an actor, I remember him first in The Outsiders