Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5 Niggers You'll See In Hell

Lamaricus Davidson, Letalvis Cobbins, George Thomas, Vanessa Coleman, and Eric

Think back to a time when life was easier and you had fewer responsibilities.
Maybe you had to muster up the energy to cram for finals in between the keggers
and the road trips. That part-time job at the local T.G.I.Fridays had to have
been a real bitch, also. Especially when you had to miss a night out with the
friends in lieu of passing out corporate slop food to a bunch of people in
mid-life crisis who don't tip for crap.

Aahh yes, the trials and tribulations of being young. But, hey, do you remember
that feeling of being young and in love? Damn if someone could bottle that and
sell it, I know I would buy it instead of my usual pint of Jack Daniels. The
magic and the innocence, the happiness and wonder that is shared between two
people prior to becoming jaded by a world that becomes more and more saddening
and sickening as one gets older. Young love, nothing like it.

Christopher Newsom, 23 and Channon Christian, 21 were young and in love. Channon
and Christopher, both college students had just begun dating in November 2006.
Channon was employed as a Medical Assistant and was a Senior at the University
of Tennessee, majoring in Sociology. She loved helping people and truly believed
that people were in essence, good by nature. Christopher was also a student at
the University and was described as a talented athlete, especially when playing
baseball. Both Christopher and Channon had bright futures ahead of them with
limitless possibilities. They were not into drugs; they called their parents
when they were running late. They were just good kids, you know?

Being young and in love, Channon and Christopher did what most people in their
situation do in our society when smitten with one another- they went on dates.
They shared meals, watched movies, and hung out with mutual friends.
Unfortunately, on January 6th, 2007, what began as a casual Saturday date
between the two manifested into a horrific nightmare that would leave
Christopher and Channon tortured, mutilated, and ultimately dead. The horrors
that were to meet these two young, promising individuals were so vile and evil
that I cannot fathom what would make another human think that it is okay to
commit such atrocities against another living being. No excuses, dope or
insanity could make me understand why. Read with caution. Not for the faint of

After Christopher and Channon went out to dinner, Channon called her Mother at
approximately 12:30 am to let her know that she would be home later than she had
promised because she and Christopher were planning on visiting some friends off
of Washington Pike. They were planning on watching movies and hanging out.
Channon told her Mother she loved her and neither one of the two suspected that
this would be the last conversation which they would share. Channon and
Christopher never made it to their friend's house. Instead, they met up with a
hideous bunch of human scum that makes the "Devils Rejects" look like the "Get
Along Gang".

By all accounts, the young couple was driving in Channon's Toyota 4-Runner when
they were carjacked at gunpoint by Lamaricus Davidson, his brother, Letalvis
Cobbins, and their friend, George Thomas. All career criminals, these douche
bags would later report to authorities that they intended to car jack the
couple, but later, their plans changed, evolving into something more hellacious
and sinister. Davidson, the reported "ringleader" of the group was a convicted
felon who had previously done time for aggravated assault and armed robbery.

The group didn't take Channon's car. Instead, they decided to bound, gag, and
force the young couple into their vehicle at gunpoint. They then drove
Christopher and Channon to Davidson's and Cobbins' rented home located at 2316
Chipman Street. At the home, the group was then joined by Cobbin's fugly and
nasty girlfriend, Vanessa Coleman and card-carrying loser, Eric Boyd.

According to court statements, while Channon was subdued, she was forced to
watch as Davidson, Cobbins, Thomas, and even Coleman took turns raping
Christopher prison style for several hours. Some accounts indicate that
Christopher's penis was brutally severed by the group, but this turned out to be
untrue. Medical Examiners stated that Christopher, barefoot, was then dragged
outside the house to nearby railroad tracks where his clothing was doused with
gasoline and he was set on fire. Christopher was then shot multiple times in the
back, neck, and head. The group left his dead body on the railroad tracks.

With Christopher gone, the group of toilet scum then focused on Channon, who
probably could not have anticipated the horrors which she, herself was about to
face for the next few days. Yes, days.

From the early hours of Sunday morning until Tuesday, Channon was savagely raped
and sexually tortured by the group. They took turns raping her vaginally,
orally, and anally, assaulting her with foreign objects repeatedly, causing
injuries so extensive that they were classified as mutilations by the Medical
Examiner. According to the County Coroner, "Channon suffered extensive injuries
in the genital region and mouth, including the tearing of the membrane that
connected her lips to her gums." Some reports indicate that one of Channon's
breasts was cut off, also. Again, not true. To add to the degradation, the group
then took turns urinating on Channon, probably as she begged for her young life
to be spared.

According to court documentation, Channon, at some point was forced to drink
bleach while still alive because her assailants wanted to get rid of any DNA
evidence that would incriminate them. Channon was then hog tied with strips of
curtain and bedding. Her face was tightly covered with a small trash bag and
while still alive, her body was shoved into larger trash bags and placed in a
trash receptacle inside of the kitchen. According to the Coroner:

"It was a slow asphyxia death….my conclusion was she actually died in the trash

For several days while Channon was being tortured and raped, several individuals
came and went from this residence. Several of these individuals, like Davidson's
girlfriend, Daphne Sutton, stated that they had no knowledge of the crimes which
were being committed against Channon, who was being held in the bathroom.

Reports indicate that Davidson, being the hopeless romantic that he was, gave
his girlfriend, Sutton, Channon's jewelry as a "gift". Sutton was reported to
have been prancing around in Channon's jewelry at the home on Sunday. Of course,
later on when investigators became involved and identified the "gifts" as stolen
items belonging to Channon, Sutton swiftly turned them over to authorities
because she wanted to do the right thing. What a great person, huh?

After Channon's parents did not hear from their daughter, they filed a missing
persons report Sunday, and urged Christopher's family to do the same. Before the
ink could dry on the missing persons report, Christopher's body was found
alongside railroad tracks between Ninth and Cherry Street by a railway worker.
Channon's parents continued their search for their daughter and with the
assistance of her mobile carrier, on Monday, they were able to locate her
abandoned 4 Runner on Glider Avenue, moments away from the Chipman home where
she continued to be tortured and raped. Now, I know that I am not part of the
FBI's Behavioral Science unit or anything like that, but it seems to me that if
the car was abandoned, no one was interested in the car. That then leads me to
believe that Davidson, Cobbins, and Thomas from the get go, planned to abduct,
rob, rape, and murder the young couple.

Anyhow, Investigators were able to pull a fingerprint from the 4 Runner off an
envelope found inside the vehicle. In a short amount of time, they were able to
identify the fingerprint as belonging to Davidson. Tuesday morning, a search
warrant was obtained and investigators arrived at the Chipman residence to
discover Channon's dead body, wrapped in plastic bags, still located in a trash
can in the kitchen. None of the perpetrators were present at the time which the
warrant was served. Police began an active search, naming Davidson and Cobbins
as "persons of interest".

On Thursday morning, authorities in Kentucky located Cobbins and Thomas hiding
out like cowards in a residence located in the City of Lebanon. They were taken
into custody. Davidson and Boyd knew that the police were after them, so they
broke into an abandoned home a short distance away from the Chipman residence.
They hid out at that location that day, avoiding authorities. It was not until
Boyd was running the bitch errand of getting food for Davidson that he was
stopped by Officers and began singing like a little bird.

Less than one hour later, Davidson was in custody. Initially, Coleman was
identified as a witness to the brutal tortures and murders of Channon and
Christopher, but her special group of "friends" quickly turned on her, naming
her as an active participant in the slaying of the two young lovers. This
resulted in Coleman's apprehension and indictment along with the rest of them.

To date, Eric Boyd has been the only one to face trial, and was found guilty in
April 2008 as an accessory to murder. Specifically, for his role in aiding
Davidson in his efforts to evade authorities. Boyd received a whopping sentence
of eighteen years. Just to show you how compassionate Boyd was, throughout the
trial, he was spotted taunting and antagonizing Channon and Christopher's family
members, smiling and laughing in their faces at their gut-wrenching loss and

As for the others, their respective Attorneys have done a stellar bang up job at
postponing and delaying their trials for almost two years. Of course, they want
to ensure that the accused receive the utmost levels of justice and fairness
this system has to offer. How comes it seems that this concept of fairness and
justice is reserved solely for the pieces of shit who commit such horrendous
crimes while the victims families continue to suffer?

Lemaricus Davidson, George Thomas, and Leviticus Cobbins, have been indicted
with forty-six separate charges for their roles in the torture, robbery, rape,
and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Vanessa Coleman is being
charged with forty separate charges, similar to those of Davidson, Thomas, and
Cobbins, minus charges of car jacking.

It should be mentioned that there has been a great deal of controversy
surrounding this case in the media and people from various groups who serve to
propagate their own agendas have twisted and perverted the facts, losing sight
of the real issues at hand. I am not even going to justify some of the crap that
I have read associated with this story, as it is agenda-based, slanderous, and
completely superfluous to the real issues at hand.

Plain and simple, the truth here is that two young and innocent people were
tortured, violated, degraded, and ultimately murdered by a group of vile,
sickening, law breaking convicted criminals who should have already been behind
bars for their previous acts against humanity. Two people who should have
enjoyed their lives, their new found love, and all that the world offers to
those who are young and idealistic.

Channon and Christopher should have seen their graduations from the University
as a reward for their efforts. I bet none of those pieces of shit responsible
for this senseless crime could even spell University, let alone know what it is
like to be accepted into one. Cheap shot, maybe. What ultimately pisses me off
is that these criminals displayed such an overt sense of entitlement that they
felt that it was fine to savage, rob, rape, and murder two individuals who were
better people than them, smarter people than them, and deserved to live their
lives more than them.

Davidson, Cobbins, Thomas, Coleman, and Boyd are completely void of all that is
decent, humane, or right. And, as for the numerous people who came and went from
the Chipman residence while Channon was being tortured and raped, fuck them too.
They should have stood up for what was right. All of the people involved could
have done something to stop these crimes. They are all responsible for Channon
and Christopher's untimely deaths. All of the people that were involved in any
capacity with this crime possessed free will, just like you or I. They all had
the power to do what was right at anytime. They chose not to. Or, maybe they
were incapable of doing so, who knows.

Ultimately, this collection of septic scum are proof that hell does exist on
earth. My heart goes out to Channon and Christopher's families, I can't say it
enough. Stay strong for the memories of your children and may you find some
sense of closure and semblance of peace.


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