Monday, September 28, 2009

Danny "Disgraced-and-dis-barred dogshit"Dobsons Demented Delusions!


this kike is just plain fucked up! Read this morons bullshit whinings!

the old The_Free_And_The_Brave and The_New_Free_And_The_Brave
Sunday, September 27, 2009 10:44 AM
"Dann Dobson"

"keith bowden" , "keith bowden" ,
"keith bowden" , "Sarah Bernstein">, "bigotbasher" , "dann dobson" @>

Noah -

I started to respond to your message in HAZ about The_New_Free_And_THe_Brave
with essentially the message below, but then decided better of it.

Last night I made a private offer to Keith, which was only communicated to you
Keith, and Mod.after he said you would reconsider my membership in TFATB after I
deleted TNFATB.

I saud that was nonsense because there was no quid pro quo, but made Keith a
counter-offer. It was very simple: Keith would delete his imposter group,
HateWatch4 and I would delete The_New_Free_And_The_Brave.

However rather than respond privately to me, you have chosen to argue publicly.
That has a price tag.

Now at the risk of picking at on old scab, let's not forget IT WAS YOU WHO
CREATED The_New_Free_And_The_Brave, not I. You got upset with Lisa / Mod
approving Keith Bowden hate messages and started to delete the old
The_Free_And_The_Brave and created The_New_Free_And_The_Brave.

When The_New_Free_And_The_Brave was created you, Mod, myself and a 4th person
were all owners. You and Lisa / Mod could have changed the name at any time, but
choose not to do so.

You are making it sound like I ripped the name off. That is totally
unacceptable. I am simply leaving a name in place you created.

You then left TNFATB in a huff I believe after getting in a pissing match with
Jim Sutter.

Secondly, Lisa left The_New_Free_And_The_Brave without ever posting a word or
ever complaining about the name The_New_Free_And_The_Brave.

Third, then you and Keith keep saying /. lying that Mod has written me asking
me to change the name of The_New_Free_And_The_Brave to something else. In the
entire time I have known Lisa, she has written me 2 messages off group, and
neither were about the name The_New_Free_And_The_Brave.

The only complaints I have received about the name are from you and Keith.

Yesterday I wrote Keith and told him to delete several of his imposter Dobson
ID's bigotbasher2010, dddobson2010 and DannDobson_1951 , as well as his imposter
group, HateWatch4.

However Keith did none of this and simply wrote me back with "the offer" that
he, you and Mod would CONSIDER letting me back in The_New_Free_And_The_Brave if
I changed the name of The_New_Free_Of_The_Brave.

I responded quite simply that I really don't care about your little group now
since it is only you and Keith arguing nonsense about the Holocaust. What I did
offer was to delete The_New_Free_And_The_Brave the moment Keith Bowden deleted

However rather than communicate appropriately and respond to my proposal in
private or put pressure on your co-moderator, Keith, you went whining to HAZ!.

Sorry Noah, the ante just went up for that stunt.

Last night I offered to delete The_New_Free_And_The_Brave in exchange for
HateWatch4 being deleted. Now this is what you have to get Keith to do.

Get Keith to delete HateWatch4, bigotbasher2010, dddobson2010 and
DannDobson_1951 and I will delete The_New_Free_And_The_Brave.

Oh, and I will need a public apology from you in HAZ for calling TNFATB a
"knock-off" group and you claiming I created it, or ripped the name off. I will
need a message from you to HAZ, saying YOU created TNFATB, NOT ME, that I did
not rip off TFATB and that Dann simply left the name as is, and admitting that
you and Lisa could have changed the group name at any time, but choose not to
do, but left me in charge of the group.

Each day this drags on, the price will go up. This offer is good until midnight
CDT tonight.

- Dann


ROTFLMAO dobby, your demands are meaningless. My groups and idents have NOTHING
to do with you deleting your knockoff group, or you getting back into TFATB.

Mod and noah could let you back in any time they want, apparently they don't
want to.

when will you get that through your thick skull dobby?

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