Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why I Call Minorities Names (Because they've EARNED it!)

Why I Call Minorities Names

Coons, niggers, porch monkeys, chimps, apes, oogaboogs, Sambos, boot heads, Rastus, Buckwheat, jigaboos, chimp humpers. Slopes, chinks, zips, zipper heads. Jews, kikes, hook noses, yids. Wetbacks, Mestizos, taco chompers, greasers, pepper guts. Rag heads, towel heads, sand niggers.
The list is almost endless. I, and all those like me use all these names and many more like them on a daily basis. Some people, especially liberals and those that have absorbed way too much liberal brainwashing over the years, are usually aghast at my comments, calling me crass, rude, bigoted, racist, and hateful. And as always they're missing the entire point. They always do. All these groups of so-called "minorities" have names for us whites that make those above seem mild. Mostly they use them in their native languages, which more and more often they're speaking right in front of us in our own country, even though they know it's rude, crude, disrespectful, and unethical to do so.
For example, one name the Mexicans use translates as "sub-humans", or "below us". Another group has one that translates to "the slave race". And still another has one that means "unclean ones". And this isn't counting all the names they have for us in English, or the ones they use to our faces. But interestingly, we never, ever hear anything about what they're saying about us, only what whites say about them. Just as everything else in this country has been redirected to attack whites only, this too, has become a casualty of political correctness and the liberal drive to disenfranchise the white race...
Believe me, these races insult us with a lot more venom and aggression than we could ever hope to muster, and they do it continually. And as long as they're free to do so, and free to murder, rob, rape, and mug my people, I will continue to do so. As long as they're in my country without my permission..or yours, I will continue. As long as they siphon dry our welfare system designed for whites only, I will continue. As long as they suck up billions in free housing, medical, and food stamps, I will continue. As long as our crooked leaders refuse to seal our borders and halt the invasion, I will continue. As long as liberals have control of our government and media, I will continue. And as long as my people refuse to get off their cowardly asses and do something about the evil destroying our nation and race, I shall continue to rant, rave, insult, name call, and generally be a royal pain in the ass to all our enemies, and all those too stupid to realize
I'm on their side. I want them offended. I want them to get mad and take notice. I want them to raise hell about it and start a dialogue on it. Because the more exposure their antics get, the better for us. Liberals and other parasites hate the truth. They like the shadows, the dark shroud of bullshit they hide behind. That's because the truth would force people to act. It would force these thieves and liars out. And that's exactly what I want. And the more of you that call these maggots names, the better. They honestly don't deserve better. Every one of them is a parasite or a predator, or both, making our once clean, safe, and proud nation just another dangerous third world toilet full of criminal muds from all corners of the globe, a trash can for the world's human refuse. They're all forcing themselves on us against our will, and they know it! So do our politicians, and they don't care! So I say to hell with them. If they don't like what I'm calling
them, they can GO HOME! If the blacks don't like it, they can LEAVE US ALONE! And if the politicians and liberals don't like it, they can hand back the reigns of power and go crawl back under the damp rock they slithered from.
Until we take back what's rightfully ours and mete out some long overdue justice, I'll continue to call a kike a kike and a nigger a nigger and a wetback a wetback! Fuck 'em all!.

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