Sunday, June 28, 2009

Segregation: A Need That Just Won't die

SEGREGATION: A Need That Won't Die

What the younger generation of American whites just don't understand is that before the so-called "civil rights movement", blacks and other dark races were segregated from white society, not because of social convention or tradition, but because of common sense and sanitation. It was a well-known fact back then(and now)that blacks especially, are extremely nasty in their personal habits, to the point where one black can leave a public restroom completely unusable by the next white. Segregatingbathrooms was a necessity. Blacks however, saw it as discrimination and racism for several reasons.
First, they saw absolutely nothing wrong with their filthy ways. Trashing a bathroom was no big deal to them, and they didn't understand what all the fuss was over. One look inside a black hovel would tell you why. As a law enforcement officer, I had to enter many such black residents, and most of those times my gorge would rise from the horrendous filth and stench of the places. It's how they live...

Second, they loved being a thorn in whitey's side. If it pissed whitey off or inconvenienced him, they'd do it. It was really that simple. Blacks have always hated whites for several reasons, the primary one being jealousy. Whites are far smarter, better looking, possessing greater integrity and self control, and can easily thrive in this advanced society. Blacks on the other hand, are lost. They must choose between predator or parasite to survive because they don't possess either the intelligence or the drive to work to support themselves honestly. That takes inner character, an advanced trait which only the white man possesses. Every time they see a successful white man he reminds them of their inferiority by simply existing. There is no cure for this hatred other than segregation of the races, which should have been left untouched in the first place. Blacks whined about it, sure, just like children whine when their parents refuse to let them drive the car at 14. They want what they're not ready for. Blacks were contained and had strict limits placed on their behavior, and society flourished. The black man was far better off as a race as well. No gangs, drugs, drive-bys, stuffed prisons and millions dead every year from inner city violence. Most liberals in this country are simply dupes who are, and have been, the naive' tools of the Jewish agenda to destroy this nation and race. Thirdly, blacks hate whites because
of slavery. In their limited minds they just can't distinguish between the Jew and the Gentile. White is white. So even though it was the JEWS who brought them here and sold them into slavery, they blame the American white man, almost none of which ever owned a slave or even saw one. They are also too stupid as a people to realize and appreciate the great sacrifice white Gentiles made to free them from slavery, costing whites the lives of over 500,000 of their sons. Instead they spend their entire lives parasiting off and hating the one race that's ever tried to help them. That's typical black gratitude...

Since segregation ended, blacks have also been free to breed uncontrolled. Our forefathers saw the danger in this, and instituted mandatory sterilization programs of nigger mammies on a massive scale all across the country. And even with this program in full swing, blacks were continuing to breed like roaches. Up until 1964, California still had it's sterilization program in place. Though now center of the liberal movement in this country, California was at that time, the most die-hard of the segregationists and a proponent of black population control. They saw a direct link between serious felonies and the increase in the black population. But with the advent of "civil rights" all these programs were stopped, and blacks were allowed to run hog-wild in our society. The results are all around us...

Integration and the "diversity" propaganda being pumped at our young by the liberals, is evil in the extreme. A tree is known by it's fruits. The fruits of integration have been a new race of semi-intelligent, ugly mulatto children that can't fit into either world, violent crime against whites on a genocidal scale, social decay, moral corruption, rampant disease, over-full prisons, overworked judicial systems, choked hospitals, rampant drug use, and every other evil imaginable. Our very culture has been polluted by their lower morals and their gutter slang words. To someone who knew this country before integration, this is all disgusting and enraging in the extreme. The liberals can spout high sounding platitudes until the sun burns out, but it will never alter the fact that it's a dismal failure and should have never been instituted. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Every past great civilization on earth learned that to exist,
there must always be inequities at some level. Not everyone can have their cake and eat it too. To prevent a great evil we must, in many cases, tolerate a small one. And compared to the results of allowing these apes to run loose in white society, segregation is no evil at all, but a stark necessity if we are to survive as a culture, a nation, and a race. The Jews knew this, and that's exactly why they fought for civil rights. They want the United States destroyed...

I can't turn on the TV anymore without almost immediately being bombarded by liberal propaganda, promoting "the joys of diversity" and how anyone opposing it is an evil, bigoted, unintelligent, intolerant, unpatriotic racist. These fanatics have brought out the big guns now, and I even see this theme craftily interwoven into the plots and storylines of almost all the major network shows on TV. Also our poor kids are having their impressionable little minds so severely twisted by their rabidly liberal teachers, that we can no longer trust our own children with family secrets for fear they'll run turn their own parents in to the state. They actually encourage our kids to do this, never telling them the dire consequences to their parents..and to them if they do so. Being a "good little liberal" will throw Mom and Dad in prison, cause them to lose everything, get the little snitch tossed in Juvenile Hall where young buck niggers will stomp
and rape him repeatedly. Now he's a ward of the state and his parents are in prison. And years later, if his parents ever get out of jail, they'll disown the little turd for life. A high cost for listening to liberal evil...

You're known by your fruits...

I don't care what the liberals and so-called "minorities" say or want. The fruits of "their way" are plain for all to see: destruction and chaos; the two classic goals of Evil. That's right; think about that for a second.The ultimate goal of Evil in the world and in the universe is destruction and chaos. Those are the "fruits" of Evil. Any wise person knows this. And if the end results of integration, civil rights, and diversity are destruction and chaos, does it take a brain surgeon to figure out they're evil? And what does that make those that are so vehemently promoting it, even in the face of such horrendous consequences as we have today? That's right; EVIL. The liberal movement and agenda are evil through and through. There is no debating it, no discussing it, and no doubting it. The only real question left is; What are YOU going to do about it? Are you going to continue to just lay up and hope that "somebody else" does something about it before it's too late, or are you going to finally make the necessary sacrifices your forefathers made to save our rights, our freedoms and our very race from extinction? Because believe
me brothers, that IS their goal. They want you and all your loved ones DEAD, and all other whites as well! And unless you get up and join other patriots and start seriously fighting back, they'll get their wish...

Remember that integration, diversity, and racial tolerance are all tools for your destruction. They serve no other purpose. Name one good thing that's come out of any of them. You can't because there hasn't been.
Segregation is a need that won't die. We either re-institute it, or a race war will shortly arise. The tensions of forcing our vastly different species together is causing too much friction and destruction to go on much longer without exploding. Our government isn't stupid folks, they know this. In fact they're counting on it!They intend on using it as the excuse they need to implement martial law nationwide. We must be ready when they do. One day soon now, we'll either be free from this evil, or it will no longer matter because we'll all be dead. The choice is in your hands. It all depends on whether or not you get up out of that damned
easy chair and get serious. We're out of time...



  1. I was cruising the Net and came across your excellent article, which I shall post to sundry Movement Forums for commentary by others. This way, some of them can also come to this blog of yours and comment.

    However, you should know that Google will take down a racist site, especially if it attracts attention, so you might wish to make a copy of this blog in WordPress as well.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  2. I love reading about Segregation,I have a 14 year old daughter that is being brain washed in school and it's been my job to bring her information and reasons for segregation.This was a good writing,we need more writings that are simple and to the point so young people will read them and store the facts in there liberal controlled minds.