Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Rant - "Whale Wars"

Ok, it was a complete and utter failure last season, so the jewish producers have gone ahead to try again to show a boatload of fucked up hippy, doper, commie wiggers how to illegally interfere with Japanese whaling.
To briefly re-hash last seasons abortion of a show, one girl got a broken hip from slamming over the waves, they almost lost a boat twice; once while lowering and then again, after it was lowered the boat got sucked under as it slid sideways while being towed by the hippy stoners on board. One guy got a busted up arm and Shamoo still got harpooned.
I don't know about you, but I think Steve Irwin is rolling in his grave like a wigger at a Grateful Dead show. I don't hink he intended for morons to get on a boat with absolutely NO experience and brave the seas and commit acts of piracy and vandalism in his name. No, I think Steve would have nix-neined the whole idea.
Ok, the boat is a shambles. If it wasn't for the help of jewish douchebag supporters, the ship would have been sold for scrap years ago. They blatantly attack a legal whaling vessle and illegally board the Japanese ships. Personally, if I had been there, I would have thrown the f**kers overboard! Now they can be environmentally conscious as they get eaten by sharks. Hell, THEY have to eat too! They have to resort to LYING just to get sympathy! What a f**king *sshole that POS captain is!
Actually, I think thay they are racist. After all, I haven't seen a single n*gger on that ship. Maybe they just aren't as eco-friendly as the jews and their stupid white shabbat goyim? Who knows, but trust me, if the jew producers find a n*gger stupid enough to brave the accidents just waiting to happen on that bucket of rust, they'll put his *ss on that ship.
Enough for now. Whale Wars is nothing but a bunch of wiggers, spiggers and gawd damn idiots commiting ac ts of piracy, lunacy and stupidity for naught.

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