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von Brunn- Why He Did It and Why He won't Be the Last

The Nickel Ranttm
Why He Did It
And Why Von Brunn Won't Be The Last
by Edgar J. Steele

June 10, 2009

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
--- John F. Kennedy, 1962 White House speech (35th president of the United States of America, 1961-1963)

"He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent which will reach to himself."
--- Thomas Paine, Dissertation on First Principles of Government (1795)

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My name is Edgar J. Steele.

Suddenly, the news today is full of yet another crazed-gunman-opens-fire story. James Von Brunn, inveterate Internet crank and author of "Kill the Best Gentiles," was shot by Washington, DC, National Holocaust Museum armed guards as he tried to force his way in with a rifle. Von Brunn shot and injured one of the guards before he, himself, was critically injured by another just inside the entrance. At the time of this writing, both Von Brunn and the injured guard are hospitalized and in "grave condition."

Why Did He Do It?

The TV news today is full of the question, always asked after one of these shootings, but never of those of us capable of providing the correct answer: "Why did he do it?" Always, the news anchors and pundits go on to answer their own question by dismissing the gunman of the moment as a right-wing, hate-filled nut case, illustrative of why further restrictions on liberty and gun ownership are necessary.

Already, the Southern Poverty Law Center has weighed in on the national news. You won't be hearing anything but their side of things in that forum, though. Taken at face value, Von Brunn's explanation would be as inflammatory as his actions, if even that were to be trotted out. It won't, though. And, certainly, the real reason for Von Brunn's outburst today never will be broadcast beyond the confines of these outer fringes of the Internet.

Below, I am going to give the honest answer as to why Von Brunn went off on his aborted shooting rampage, probably better than he could, himself. No ... certainly better than he could, himself.

Von Brunn in the Flesh - Sort Of

I never met Von Brunn, but I did brush up against him in a series of acerbic exchanges a few years ago. Confusing me with one of his peers in the White Supremacist movement (I get that a lot), it seems that he didn't approve of my advocacy of nonviolence.

I had written the following in a 2006 investment-advice piece: "Remember to have priorities. A safe and productive place for your family to tough out the coming hard times is first. Food stores. Independent water and sewage. A way to defend what you have. Always have 6 months' living expenses, including debt service, in cash, even though the dollar is falling like a rock. These things are more important than any other sort of investment."

Von Brunn's response to the world at large: "Edgar Steele's advice to investors fails to comprehend the extent of a money melt-down disaster. Recollect, Russian Revolution (ILLUMINATI/BOLSHEVIK) torture rape and butchery ; the deliberate starvation of Kulaks; the incineration of 20th C. Europe; Mao; Pol Pot. The World flowed with blood, stunk with unburied corpses. The ILLUMINATI is ubiquitous and not compassionate. Today, we are witnessing the penultimate stage in (ILLUMINATI /ZIONIST) GLOBALIZATION of Planet Earth - - protestors will be eliminated. There is NO ESCAPE. No place to hide. To protect what you have and take what you need, the MOST important investment ARYANS can make today is NOT as Steele advises. NOW, for a limited time, the most important investment is in AMMO. AT LAST, you wimps must stand and FIGHT!"

His Own Personal Armageddon

An old man (89, according to news reports), today Von Brunn apparently got tired of waiting for his own, personal "penultimate stage." Today, he set out to practice what he preached. Doubtless, Von Brunn did not expect to get felled so quickly, but he surely knew his was a one-way mission, nevertheless.

Von Brunn was making a statement and setting an example. Both provide a lesson to which we, as a nation, should attend, but which we undoubtedly will ignore ... yet again.

Make no mistake: I do not defend Von Brunn's rhetoric or actions. On the contrary, I roundly condemn them both. Even so, listen up, folks - because there will be more ... lots more ... acts like today before this is over.

Defending the Politically Incorrect

I am an attorney best known for defending the politically incorrect in cases where our important constitutional rights are at issue in situations where those people are being railroaded for their beliefs in the context of trumped-up civil and/or criminal charges. I have defended and provided legal advice to, probably, more of the politically incorrect than has any other attorney in America today. Always, I have required that they be fundamentally decent people, trapped on the business end of a railroad job ... and innocent - always they must be innocent, regardless of how things might eventually turn out in court.

And, believe me, I get at least one opportunity each and every week to defend the politically incorrect. Problem is, usually they are guilty or stupid, or, more likely, both. I'll tell you this much about Von Brunn, though: stupid he is not. Reportedly, he is a member of Mensa, the group for bona fide geniuses. I believe it.

Would I defend Von Brunn for his actions today? Absolutely not, unless it was simply to secure him a fair plea deal or at a sentencing hearing. Never could I defend his conduct at trial. And, even then, I wouldn't do a single thing for him pro bono.

Fair disclosure: if anything, I am biased against James Von Brunn, not for him or his "cause," though you may end up wondering about that after you hear me out today and learn why I think he did what he did and why this is just the beginning. Sooner or later, somebody had better pay attention, because guys like Von Brunn aren't going away anytime soon.

Time Was Running Out

So - why did he do it? Well, the easy answer is his age. Von Brunn dedicated his life in recent years to what he saw as an inevitable armed confrontation between the government and a supposed army of others believing as did he. Time was running out and the revolution hadn't yet begun. It is easy to believe that he opted for making a statement while he still could, perhaps hoping to spark the beginning of the revolution he believed to be inevitable. Frankly, that is the most likely reason for why James Von Brunn took a rifle to a site that he found more offensive than most any other in America today.

But, there are lots of oldsters who don't take to the streets with a rifle in hand. Von Brunn's reasons go much deeper, obviously, and are shared by a great many others in America today. Knowing why and doing something about it now might prevent senseless bloodshed in the future.

The Self-Styled Martyr's Point of View

In a very real sense, today's shooting is of a piece with that of the abortion doctor a week ago. That shooter was surprised to find himself treated as a common criminal, which he is, of course. Similarly, Von Brunn no doubt also considers himself a martyr, deserving of admiration, and a figure likely to be vindicated in the longer view of history. Make no mistake about this, though: Von Brunn, too, is a criminal, albeit an uncommon one.

I like to say, when speaking of those responsible for the horrible financial catastrophe now crashing down around all of us: It takes a towering intellect to create a towering house of cards. The same can be said for James Von Brunn's intellectual world. A less-serious way of describing it would be to call him a "victim of his own desperation." He trapped himself with his own rhetoric and felt compelled to act upon it. A decorated veteran of World War II and a PT-Boat captain, Von Brunn was no shrinking violet. Mere rhetoric is insufficient for the true man of action.

In fact, twenty-five years ago, Von Brunn was arrested and received a lengthy prison sentence for then attempting to place the members of the Federal Reserve Bank under citizen's arrest (at gunpoint, it must be added). A worthy, if misguided, adventure.

Like many others, James Von Brunn feels victimized by Jewish control of America and offended by the preferential treatment accorded minorities, particularly Blacks. His anger is born of the frustration of being unfairly treated in the country for which he so proudly fought.

Not Just Another Racist Anti-Semite

All over TV today, clueless anchors and pundits dismiss Von Brunn as just another irrational White Supremacist, racist Anti-Semite. Perhaps. But, then, that ignores the question of why he might be all those things and whether - just maybe - he and others might have some justified complaints that are not being addressed. In fact, the short shrift being given to Von Brunn's position today helps to hasten the day when the next guy just like him does something just as off the wall. America, we need to talk.

America, We Need to Talk

About racism ... against Whites. It is not racist to demand equal treatment for White America. Equal rights for all - special rights for none.

About unfair treatment ... of Whites ... by an increasingly remote and controlled American government.

About the looting of the American taxpayer ... by an undisputedly secretive and private organization, the Federal Reserve Bank, which is owned in its entirety by Jewish interests. Facts are facts, like them or not.

About the circumspection of the Constitutional rights guaranteed all of us.

About the illegal and unjust wars of conquest being maintained overseas by America, primarily for the benefit of Israel.

About the rising tide of American unemployment and the shipment of American jobs and factories overseas by plutocrats who now see themselves as citizens of the world and not of America.

Shootout at the Holocaust Corral

Why did Von Brunn choose to unload at the National Holocaust Museum? Because it is an edifice to one of the most stupendous lies of modern times, paid for and maintained with taxpayer dollars, that's why.

Did the Holocaust take place? Well, that depends upon what you mean by Holocaust, but clearly 6 million Jews were not systematically gassed and cremated by the Germans during World War II. I have written extensively on this, both in my book, Defensive Racism and in essays such as Holy Holocaust. People go to jail in other countries for saying just what I have said. They are trying to make it just as illegal to say these things in America today. Why?

Why must it be illegal to challenge the accuracy of an allegedly historical incident? This patent unfairness is just a part of that which Von Brunn symbolically struck out at today.

Just a Fair Shake - That's All They Ask

People like James Von Brunn deserve to be listened to. They deserve to be heard. After all, are they not citizens? Do they not deserve the manifest protections accorded to the politically correct? Not so you could tell it. Not if you believe what you hear in the media today, that's for sure. Von Brunn is not purely a nut case and he is no isolated incident.

Just a fair shake. A fair day in court. That's all they ask. To be heard out. To be given a seat at the table. But, no, that increasingly is denied to the James Von Brunns of today, as made abundantly clear by the imminent appointment of a Latina racist to the US Supreme Court.

More is Coming

Make no mistake. Today's was no isolated incident. You will see more and more shootouts like what took place in Washington, DC, this morning, until America begins to listen to all her citizens and accords all of her children an equal voice in her affairs. Mark my words well, America.

New America - an idea whose time has come.

My name is Edgar J. Steele. Thanks for listening. Please visit my web site,, for other messages just like this one.


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