Thursday, June 11, 2009

Whale Wars-Season 2 OH BOY!

My favorite show is back: Whale Wars. You know, after the abortion that was season one, I'm really surprised that dumb SOB Captain Paul "I'm-A-Real-Dumbf**k" Watson could find anyone willing to die for TV ratings and a chance to make complete idiots out of themselves.
But, alas! Alack! There are more stupid wiggers than previously anticipated, all of whom haven't the slightest clue on what to do on a ship. A ship that leaks. Alot. So far, and remember, this is just the first episode of this seasons stupidity: the old tub got water in the gas tanks, the gyro goes out causing all the poor, wittle wiggers to vomit violently and copiously all over the deck, they take un-necessary trips through an ice field and their chopper pilot can't find his ass with both hands and a compass. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?
This entire ship of fools really deserves the fate they get. Piracy against a legal whaling expedition, harassment, attacks on the Japanese crews. What next? They've already been BANNED from Australian and NZ ports as their criminal activities have shown what terrorists they really are! What other couintry will help them out? The Swedes or the Danes? HA! Not bloody likely! Their own criminal actions have shown the entire world what a bunch of jew-backed, commie, wigger scum will do to protest a legal event. just like when they attack white supremists for exercising their free speech. Hypocrites ALL!
I really hope someone wil die this seasojn. You know, fall off the boat while trying to hurl poison at the Japs, getting churned into fish bait by the huge Jap propellor. Maybe one of them will fall into the water and a shark will eat their dumb ass. I can only hope, but it doesn't matter as I know, that without a doubt, those ill-prepared, anti-social f**ks will get hurt and that folks, is why I watch that show!


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