Monday, December 21, 2009

What would YOU Give Hussein For Christmas?

From the website

What would you like to give Obama for Christmas? (2807 votes)

A court ruling booting his ineligible self from office25% (710)
A one-way ticket back to Kenya21% (576)
An ultimatum: Show me your long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate, or get out of the White House11% (312)
An arrest warrant10% (272)
An impeachment hearing9% (241)
A new spirit that doesn't hate America and all the positive principles that have made it the greatest nation on Earth6% (175)
A different country to destroy4% (122)
A pink slip4% (102)
I have nothing left to give him. He's taken everything4% (100)
Other2% (45)
A Bible2% (43)
The U.S. Constitution on CD or DVD, since he obviously hasn't read it1% (34)
A whole new set of advisers who actually like America1% (24)
A taste of his own health "reform"0% (14)
A big, fat lump of coal0% (11)
A big hug for making this nation so much better than it was under George W. Bush0% (6)
A video of candidate Obama so he can be reminded of all the unkept promises that brought him to office0% (6)
Concern for human life0% (5)
His photograph on the U.S. food stamp0% (4)
My complete trust0% (3)
A hearty handshake and "thank you" for saving America0% (1)
I have no gift to bring, pa rum pum pum pum0% (1)
A national monument in Obama's honor0% (0)
He's doing such a great job, I would give him a blank check0% (0)
The Presidential Medal of Freedom or Congressional Gold Medal0% (0)

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