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the ADLs bullshit lying tactics on so-called "hate crimes'


By Aaron and Harmony Daws
15 Dec 09

Ed. Note: My niece, NPN staff writer, Harmony Grant, is now Mrs. Aaron Daws. For bios, photo and wedding video of this inspiring young, Christian/conservative writing team, come to www.truthtellers.org.

After signing the federal hate crimes bill in October, the Anti-Defamation League has repeatedly applauded itself for the bill’s conception and passage. On November 23, ADL also released a report: "FBI Hate Crime Numbers Disturbing; Calls For 'Coordinated Campaign' To Confront Hate Violence." This report claims there is a sudden urgent need for "a coordinated campaign to prevent, deter, and respond effectively to criminal violence motivated by bigotry and prejudice .”

Why? There was an alleged 2% increase (159 reported case increase to be exact!) in reported hate crimes from 2007 to 2008.

The ADL says, "While the increase in the number of hate crimes may be partially attributed to improved reporting, the fact that these numbers remain elevated – particularly the significant rise in the number of victims selected on the basis of religion or sexual orientation - should be of concern to every American."

In reality, the numbers went up only because there was an increase in groups making reports! In 2007, 2,045 law enforcement agencies reported 7,624 "hate crimes." In 2008, 2,125 law enforcement agencies reported 7,783 "hate crimes." This was an increase of 80 reporting entities and 159 "bias-motivated crimes." This means a tiny two percent increase in "hate crimes" but a four percent increase in reporting agencies. Obviously there was no real increase in the number of crimes; there may have even been a decrease. The need for a "coordinated campaign" is hogwash.

But the ADL doesn’t just pad numbers in their press releases. The League has convinced the FBI to inflate their numbers too. A reported crime is not the same as an actual crime. An accusation is not a conviction. But that doesn’t seem true anymore in America. The FBI’s statistics aren’t kept on tried cases and convicted perpetrators. They are based on the number of reports, regardless of their legitimacy.

"For reporting purposes, it does not matter whether or not the perpetrators of the crime were ever charged with a hate crime,” the ADL says boldly. “A vandal throws a brick through the window of a Jewish person’s house. The words “Gas all Jews” appear on the brick. The vandal is never caught. Law enforcement should properly record this act as a hate crime and it should be counted in the FBI’s annual HCSA report.”

Consider this. A homosexual business owner can’t afford to replace the windows at his business. One night, he tosses a few rocks through the windows and trashes the place, spray painting "Die faggot" on the building exterior so he won't be suspected of insurance fraud. He gets new windows, and his actions are recorded as a "hate crime.” Thus each report of a "bias-motivated crime" is counted in the FBI's hate crimes statistics regardless of whether it has been adjudicated in a court of law. The vast majority of “hate crimes” reported to the FBI have never been determined to be so in court.

Next year's statistics will undoubtedly be higher due to the adding of protected classes (and, likely, reporting agencies). Rest assured, ADL will call for an even more aggressive campaign against this “epidemic” of bias-motivated crimes.

Out of 1732 "hate crimes" motivated by religion, only 48 were violent. Out of 1706 "hate crimes" motivated by sexual orientation, only 243 can be classified as violent and three of those were against heterosexuals. Overall, only 1,043 out of 7,783 "bias-motivated" crimes were violent person on person crimes. The rest were property crimes and "crimes against society." (Keep in mind most of these are “crimes” only in the opinion of arresting officers—not a judge and jury.)

Faking Hate Crimes

How many of these statistics reflect real crimes? Minority activists have repeatedly been caught faking crimes to draw attention to their complaints. This past April, Traditional Values Coalition summarized some recent cases but say the tradition goes back years:

“Homosexual activists are well-known for having staged a number of fake hate crimes throughout the years.

Homosexual activists have claimed that a 72-year-old homosexual named Andrew Anthos of Detroit was attacked by an African-American man who called him a “faggot” and struck him in the head with a metal pipe, killing him. Police later learned that Anthos had not been the victim of a hate crime. He had fallen because of a severe arthritic condition in his neck. He was also mentally ill.

In January, 2007, a homosexual student at Boise State University told police that a man had beaten him in the back of the head and swore at him. He later admitted to police that he’d faked the crime by using a stick and his fists to beat himself.”

Although later proven false, these reports were included in the statistics as "bias-motivated" crimes.

Laird Wilcox, librarian of the University of Kansas and author of Hoaxer Report, documents many cases of Jews who deface public places, even their own synagogues, with swastikas or Kill-Jews slogans, in an attempt to draw attention to “anti-Semitism.”

Out of 22,299,854 total crimes reported in 2008, 7,783 were recorded as "hate crimes." This equals 0.035%, not even one-tenth of one percent of all crime committed throughout the United States! So why such shrill cries of alarm? Because laws against hate crimes aren’t really about crime; they are about creating the illusion that bias, “intolerance,” and “hate” are a huge national problem—one which can only be remedied through sweeping federal hate crimes legislation.

ADL thus twists questionable statistics to assert an epidemic of persecution primarily against homosexuals—not because ADL mourns injustice toward them. Rather, ADL wants to outlaw and persecute that group most “intolerant” of the gay lifestyle—evangelical Christians.

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