Wednesday, December 9, 2009

niggers yell "Get That White Boy!!"


For the victims, it was a terrifying experience — somebody shouts “get that white boy” and then they are surrounded by teens and young adults spitting out racial taunts, laughing, pummeling them with fists and kicking them in the head.

For the suspects in the attacks during the summer and fall in downtown Denver, the muggings were little more than pranks, they say, in which they stole money to rent hotel rooms for partying or beat someone up just because they were white and assumed to have money and to be drunk and defenseless.

One thing victims and attackers have in common: Both will be permanently changed by the events.

The victims, at least 16, suffered permanent facial damage, broken bones and cracked skulls. One was in a coma. The suspects, who thought they’d serve just days in jail if caught, are charged with felony robbery and bias-related crimes that could put them in prison for years.

“I don’t know how this thing became a racial thing,” said Ian Curwen, 31, now charged with two robberies and, like 34 others charged in the attacks, awaiting trial at the Denver County Jail. “I know some of these kids. They come from good families. They’re just kids being kids.”

Several of those charged in the wave of attacks have prior criminal histories, and some claim gang membership. At least two of those now awaiting trial were charged with similar crimes, also near downtown, in 2008, though charges were dismissed.

One of them, George Wright, was charged with robbery on Aug. 4, 2008, a few weeks before the Democratic National Convention, after an unidentified accomplice snuck up behind 26-year-old Michael Peters, at 1690 Pearl St. at 1:50 a.m., and began choking him, according to court records.

*js {I recently found out about something called juror nullification, from which I understand is a practice by black jurors to intentionally take sides with a black on trial REGARDLESS if the person is guilty or not. See the ninth paragraph “In a reversal of historic roles”. I never knew this, but suspected it.}

*a244 {“FIJA” stands for (F)ully (I)nformed (J)ury (A)ssociation.

FIJA goes into the issue of jury nullifacation in depth. FIJA may be browsed at

A jury need not obey the “instructions” of a judge. Prohibition — a terrible law — went down, in part, because juries refused to convict for rum-running.

Judges have tried to punish jurors for exercising the right of jury nullification.}

Wright allegedly ran toward him and began to go through his pockets while a woman yelled “take his bag.” Wright allegedly said, “Don’t move, I have a gun. We’ll shoot you.” Wright was arrested five blocks east of the robbery. The other two suspects escaped.

The Denver prosecutor’s office dismissed the case in February, indicating it could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt
Michael, his girlfriend and another friend were barhopping in Lower Downtown when they walked in front of the hip-hop-themed Bash Nightclub at 1902 Blake St. They heard someone say, “It smells like white people.”

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