Saturday, July 11, 2009

So WHO is this k*ke piece of shit Danny Dobson?

All About Dann Dobson

Dann dobson is a disinformer, he is a liar, he is a trouble maker. He
tries to stir up shit and attempts to discredit anything he does not
believe in as whacked out conspiracy theories. He is an inideous, conniving, two-faced, back-stabbing, evil, hypocritical, suspected child molester who is completely against everything that is moral, right, proper, ethical and honorable.
He will claim that he has never heard of of what is common knowledge,
and will deny well known, well proven fact.

If you answer his request for proofs for what you post, he will ridicule you and
the sources you provide.

The best thing anyone can do when they find themselves in a web forum
with dann dobson is to completely ignore him. If he emails you, report him to for spamming and harassment and racial intimidation.

The best thing the owners can do when they find dann dobson is a
member of a forum they control is delete and ban him.


Mr Dobson is very familiar with law courts, he used to be a lawyer,
untill he was suspended for lying.

He never paid his fines, and he never started taking his court-ordered mental medications so he is STILL suspended.

I don't know if you've googled dobson or not, but has a reputation
online that has spread far and wide.

His goal in life is to be the American version of Canadian internet
censor Richard Warman, but he keeps getting frustrated by that pesky
First Amendment.

Here is a few Dann Dobson fan sites to get you started\


I feel I would be neglecting my duty if I did not make you aware of Mr Dann Dobson.

Mr Dobson is a zionist Jew of the most dispicable and lowly type and while that in itself it not cause for discrimination, he is a member of that vile pernacious subset of Jew
known as the Jew Lobby. This organization takes literally G-d's promise to make Jews the rulers of the world.

As a member of this despicable subset of humanity, he feels no hesitation, no remorse, no guilt in any way shape or form for engaging in any sort of disinformation, subterfuge, and downright
lying to bring G-d's promise to fruition.

After all, such deeds are permitted in the Jewish Holy scriptures, and while most Jews pay no mind to such things, the Jew Lobby exploits it constantly, knowing their G-d will forgive them.

As just one tiny, miniscule example of the evil of the Jew lobbies vast works, it is now officially considered anti-semitic to question the actions of the State of Isreal. To even point out the wholesale murder of innocent Palestinian women and children by the forces of the
Jewish state is now considered to be promoting hatred against Jews.

Almost all Jews are honest, hard working people that just want the same things as the rest of us, but the Jew lobby has as it's mission the complete destruction of western civilization.

Be wary of Dann Dobson, and be especially aware of his requests of direct communication.

He maintains a dossier on everyone that crosses his path, waiting only for a moment of weakness to exploit if for his personal gain.

Dann Dobson, claims to be a loyal American, but like so many of the Jew lobby, he knows only one loyalty, and that is to the promise of
his G-d.


Known Dann Dobson Yahoo Idents:














bigot_basher_2008 [he's got a lot of yahoo id variations of this]















Think you've found a Dann Dobson ID?

View message source, and look at the various X-Received IP addresses.

when you find this one:

X-Received: from [] by

Go here:

and put in the numbers without the brackets.

It will give you this: resolves to
Top Level Domain: ""
Country IP Address: UNITED STATES

Take ANY known dann dobson post, find the X-received IP, and it will be the
same numbers, IE, sent from the same computer using the same IP address.

In fact, I have that same IP address listed on my group description as
Dann Dobsons

He also uses this one: resolves to
Top Level Domain: ""
Country IP Address: UNITED STATES


Dobsons examples of "Hate Posts"

When dann dobson first darkened my doorstep on FOSFE, he demanded that
I delete Mark Martin for posting 3 "Hate messages"

what were these evil messages of hate?

1) A link to an article showing the mass graves at Treblinka don't exist.

dobsons complaint:

2) A link to an article showing Israels influence on the American

dobsons complaint:

3) An article about the terrible conditions in Zimbabwe being the
result of white farmers being racially cleansed.

dobson's complaint

Even dobson admits free speech is protected by the first amendment,
yet he called them hate speech, demands they be deleted and the person
posting them be removed.

And because I wouldn't immediately bow to his demands, he labeled me a
racist hate monger and started his 16 month crusade against me.

Dobson says lies and slanders aren't protected speech, however, for
now, expressing an opinion is.

Dobson wishes America had "hate speech" laws like Canada.

Unfortunately, with the Obamination in charge, he probably won't have
to wait much longer :0p

And what is the test for "hate speech" in Canada?

Keep in mind, it is hard to get a criminal conviction for
hatemongering in Canada, even Ernst Zundel beat the rap on that one,
however, it is insanely easy to get a conviction in a Canadian human
rights commission kangaroo court.

First off, truth is NO defence, the only standard of proof in a CHRC
court is "was a person liable to be held to ridicule or contempt by
words written by someone else"?

So, for example, if someone posts an article about the antics of the
Jew lobby, even if it came straight from the Jewish Press, and the
response of a person reading it is likely to be "oh those f**cking
Jews, THAT is enough to get you charged.

And THAT is what Dobson would like to see in America.

dobson is an enemy of free speech, and won't rest until it is
abolished, just like it is in Canada



Dann Dobsons very first message in FOSFE

Re: [Anticom] Tell me Dan

Nastrander -

I happened upon your group because the neo-Nazi, Mark Martin a/k/a
Fritz DeKatt a/ka nsdevildog, the head of the NSM (National
Socialist Movement - The New American Nazi Party ) in Ohio, posted
three hate messages, including the gem, NO MASS GRAVES AT TREBLINKA!
in a number of Yahoo groups, including yours.

I join all of the groups Mr. Martin posts his hate messages in because
his lies are so dishonest and destructive.

Dann Dobson

nastrander <> wrote:

how did you happen across my little group
at this particular point in time?



Note how 3 information posts immediately get labeled "hate messages"
simply because Dobson disapproves of them :0p

I guess I was supposed to reply "Oh my God, I had no idea, thank you
so much Mr Dobson, I'll take care of it right away."

ROTFLMAO @ dobby



Re: Why Keith so hates me

LOL, this is all just the usual dann dobson hot air. There say where's
there's smoke there's fire, but what one might thing is smoke is
actually the thick noisome fumes eminating from the recesses of
dobson's putrefying mind.

I'm still waiting for ONE example of ONE hate message I've posted
about Blacks or Jews dobby.

You've even searched the archives on stormfront, and still come up

I take the Jew lobby to task all day evey day, but any person with a
shred of honor or decency would do the same thing.

You are a disease on the internet dobson, a sickness, but as long as
the 1st amendment is in force, you are largely impotent.

Sure dobby, you can scare the occasional e-mail provider or ISP to
cancel an account, but you'll never stop people from posting the truth
about you, the truth about you, AND that sick degenerate organization
you represent.

Debate dobson? You don't know the definition. I have posted many
topics for debate, yet each time, you use it as an opportunity to
further slander and malign me.

Have fun spewing and sputtering dobby, just as I will have fun
laughing at you.



So tell me dobby, where and when have i defamed you?

And remember, it's not defamation if it's the truth.

YOU on the other hand defame me regularly by calling me a racist and a
neo-nazi without offering any proof.

That is why you won't start a legal action against me, because you
KNOW I have far more on you than you have on me.

I have at least 100 of your posts printed out with full headers where
you have defamed me, ready for my countersuit against you.

I've said it before, bring it on dobby, I'm ready to go.

And no, I'm not going to send you an address.

Bring a John Doe suit against Yahoo, then against my IP, and THEN you
can serve me, and at that point I'll return the favor by serving
papers on you.



Zionism: as monstrous as Communism and Nazism

Zionism is truly every bit as evil as Nazism ever was.

Just as dobson rails against those that would white-wash the sins of
nazis, so he too disseminates false information to hide the monstrous
crimes against humanity committed by Zionists and their lackeys.

Zionists have caused untold amounts of death and suffering since their
evil plans were spawned out of their devilish, twisted minds over 100
years ago.

Dann Dobson is truly a hate crime denier of the worse order of
magnitude, for not a day goes by that he doesn't deny the crimes
against humanity committed by Zionists.

We watch Zionists and their lackeys pushing ever harder for hate crime
laws, and screaming for the punishment of anyone that questions their
fiendish lies, yet a groundswell of reaction against the evil that is
Zionism is truly increasing with every passing day.

I sincerely hope the rage against Zionists does not extend to ordinary
Jews, because they are as much victims of Zionism as anyone else.

You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people
some of the time, but you know the rest dobson, and sooner or later, a
day of reckoning will come, both for you, and those you shield with
your lies.



Dobbys definition of who is a racist

apparently, from reading his rubbish, dobson believes the following people are

1) Any person that refrains from marrying/breeding outside his own race/culture
(except Jews)

2) Any person that expresses any preference for associating with his own
race/culture (except Jews)

3) Any person that expresses any pride in his own heritage (except Jews)

4) Any person that makes any effort to preserve the integrity of his own
race/cultural (except Jews)

5) Any person that expresses a desire for, or works to create, a homeland for
his own race/culture (except Jews)

6) Any person that wishes to see his own race/culture survive, thrive and
prosper (except Jews)

Does that about sum it up dobby?


If dann dobson, even contacts you by e-mail NEVER reply using your real e-mail
account (ISP account) or any free account that doesn't mask your IP address.

If you reply (for example) using yahoo, your IP address will be shown.

Also, never reply to an Instant Message request. He uses an IP tracker and can
get your IP address that way.

Dobson will file this information for future use, and if in the future he
decides to go after you, he will use that information to harass your ISP to
delete your account.

Also, NEVER give dobson any information that might indicate your real location.

If he decides to go after you, he will try and target your place of business,
your school, your family, your friends, anything to harass you and make your
life living hell.

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