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Holohoax Lies EXPOSED!

The Holocaust Hoax

The "Holocaust" of 6 million Jews during World War II is an immensely successful and profitable hoax!

BETWEEN 1988 AND 2000, according to JEW sources, THE WORLDWIDE SUPPLY OF JEWS PLUNGED FROM 18.1 TO 13.2. FINALLY, JEWS HAVE PROOF OF A HOLOCAUST! But there was no war. The Nazis are long gone. In the midst of peacetime, the jews LOST 4.9 million people, and still haven't been able to locate them. Could it be that they need a war in Iraq to increase the jew population back to 18 million? On top of that, the 2000 figure for jews in the world included 6.7 million in the US when in fact there may have been only 5.2 million. The jews in the US, with all the modern techniques for counting populations and handling membership lists, a first class mail delivery system, no war or insurrection or gas ovens or mass graves, were unable to pin down their population to within 1.5 million jews--an error of 29%!

"The study's credibility became an issue last October after part of its findings on population was released and then withdrawn because some field data were not factored into the 5.2-million population estimate. At the same time, another study by a San Francisco-based group — using a broader definition of who was Jewish — placed the population at 6.7 million. But after reevaluating its methodology and findings, UJC said Wednesday that it stood by the 5.2-million figure."

These folks, who didn't have the brains to use modern techniques for estimating their own population to within an accuracy of 6.4 million jews, during peacetime, are the very same folks who claimed that they knew precisely, for certain, without ANY doubt, with such certitude that they had hundreds or thousands of people EXECUTED for denying it, that 6 million jews were missing during Nazi persecution, world war, massive jew migration, and the death or disappearance of 264 million CHRISTIANS!

Impossible, says Amhadineajad, who claims the holocaust was a "myth"!

Old Almanacs Never Lie!

They just lay out jew LIES like a fillet of rotten fish

584,549 MORE jews in 1949 than in 1940

Meyers Handlexicon, Germany 1921 -- 11,600,000

World Almanac, 1925, pg. 752 -- 15,630,000, "In 1925 a census of Palestine gave a total of 115,151 Jews"

World Almanac, 1929, pg. 727 -- 15,630,000

National Council of Churches 1930 -- 15,600 ,000

March 24, 1933, jewish newspaper Daily Express -- 14,000,000 jews worldwide

World Almanac, 1933, pg. 419 -- 15,316,359, ["The estimate for Jews in the above table is for 1933, and is by the American Jewish Committee"

World Almanac, 1936, pg. 748 -- world jewish population = 15,753,633

World Almanac, 1938, pg. 510 -- world jewish population = 15,748,091, with 240,000 in Germany

American Jewish Committee Bureau of the Synagogue Council, 1939 -- 15,600,000

World Almanac, 1940, pg. 129: World Jewish Population -- 15,319,359

World Almanac, 1941, pg. 510: World Jewish Population -- 15,748,091

World Almanac, 1942, pg. 849: World Jewish Population -- 15,192,089 ("Jews include Jews by race not necessarily by religion")

World Almanac USA, 1947, pg. 748: World Jewish Population -- 15,690,000

World Almanac, 1949, pg. 289: World Jewish Population -- 15,713,638

Statistical Handbook of Council of Churches USA 1951 -- 15,300,000

Encyclopedia Britannica's 1955 Book of the Year -- 11,627,450, "Jewish figures include all Jews whether members of a synagogue or not"

World Almanac, US News & World Report, 1983 population of jews -- 16,820,850

World Almanac, 1996, pg. 646: World Jewish Population -- 14,117,000

World Almanac & Book of Facts, 1989: World Jewish Population --18,080,000

World Almanac & Book of Facts, 2001: World Jewish Population -- 13,200,000

Nazis Evacuate Two Million jews from German Held Territory

Total World Population of jews

America Europe Asia Africa Oceania Total

1938 5,343,319 8,939,608 839,809 598,339 27,016 15,748,091

1948 5,198,219 9,372,666 572,930 542,869 26,954 15,763,638

Diff -145,100 +433,058 -266,879 -55,470 -9,938 +15,547

The Wandering jew--from EIGHT million to 30,000 dead jews

Above left: This was the plaque on display at the Auschwitz camp until 1989: note the "4 million" victims. Above right: This is the plaque currently on display at Auschwitz (2002) - note the suddenly reduced number of victims to 1.5 million - a casual reduction in the number of deaths by 2.5 million which never appeared in the American "free press"Four million people suffered and died here at the hands of the Nazi murderers between the years of 1940 and 1945 Forever let this place be a cry of despair and a warning to humanity where the Nazis murdered about one and a half million men, women, and children, mainly jews from various countries of Europe, Auschwitz-Birkenam, 1940-1945

Jews complained about a holocaust in 1919! "Six million men and women are dying ... eight hundred thousand children cry for bread. And this fate is upon them through no fault of their own, ... but through the awful tyranny of war and a bigoted lust for Jewish blood. In this threatened holocaust of human life ..." --The American Hebrew (New York, issue 582 of October 31, 1919) The Talmud also has atrocity claims which demonstrate the Jewish mentality: Gittin 57b claims that four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar. Gittin 58a claims that 16 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans.

Actual Auschwitz records released by Russia reduce that figure to 30,000 jews


Why did "Judea declare war on Germany" in 1933.

A GREAT private video debunking the Auschwitz "death" camp "theory", from a jew.


Why should "Holocaust denial" be a crime?

Yet one more jew LIE exposed: Rumbula.

Why are so many holocaust stories being exposed as frauds?

Eisenhower coins the phrase "holocaust" a holocaust of Christians, not jews!

Why was Ernst Zundel imprisoned for telling the TRUTH?

Dr. E. R. Fields analyzes the known facts.

Holocaust is a "death by fire".

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