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Katie Couric: Be respectful “unless it’s someone like David Duke”

Katie Couric: Be respectful “unless it’s someone like David Duke”

Commentary by Dr. David Duke

It is incredible how some reporters throw out their most important journalist ethics when it comes to interviewing me. When I took journalism courses at LSU I was taught that the main job of an interviewer was to present accurately the views of the person interviewed. After all, that is what journalism is all about. The interviewer or reporter is not supposed to be the star of every interview. An interview or article is not supposed be about the journalist or his opinions, but about the fair and unbiased presenting of the views of the person, no matter how controversial. That way the public has the right to form their own opinions about the merits of the person’s opinions.

A reporter is supposed to find out and report what the views are of the person being interviewed, not to join in some ideological lynch mob.

Katie Couric is at the pinnacle of her profession as a journalist. In a recent interview she stated matter-of-factly that core journalist ethics shouldn’t be followed when interviewing someone like me.

In a recent interview with Poynter Online, Couric says that “ideally, in 100 percent of the situations it is really about the person you’re interviewing, or should be.” She goes on to say that her tone was “really important because I think it is respectful and politely persistent.”

Then she goes on to say,” that’s really what you want to do when you’re interviewing someone, unless its someone like David Duke whose views are so abhorrent to the vast majority of the American people.”

So if she finds someone’s views abhorrent or thinks the majority finds them so, at that point a journalist should not be respectful or polite, but simply a combatant rather than an open minded journalist.

The question is why would Couric throw journalistic ethics out of the window when she interviews me?

Could it be that when the public actually hears my views without bias that she is afraid they may agree with me.

And which of my views does Couric think the public finds so abhorrent. I have won three public elections, two in Louisiana and one in New Hampshire in a Vice-Presidential Primary. I have a public record of bills I proposed and a voting record from the House of Representatives in Louisiana. The American people will find nothing scary in the clear public record of my positions.

What has been my consistent platform?

1) Stopping the massive immigration that will make our Children walk as strangers in our own land.

(Polls show about 80 percent agree)

2) True equal rights for all, and thus stopping the massive racial discrimination against White people called affirmative action.

(Polls show about 75 percent agree)

3) Opposing forced busing and the forced integration of schools and preserving the neighborhood school.

(polls show about 75 percent agree)

4) Vastly reducing use of taxpayer’s money in Foreign Aid and not sacrificing American boys in wars all over the world.

(polls show a majority agree)

5) Protecting America from free trade policies that destroy American businesses and millions of American jobs.

(polls show most Americans agree)

and perhaps the most important position I hold, as far as the controlled media is concerned. A position they are compelled to repress:

6) Exposing the destructive policy of Jewish extremist Matrix of Power that dominates the media, international finance, and politics, and leads us to catastrophic wars that damage the American nation and people, that fuels hatred and terrorism against the people of the United States, and that is bankrupting our economy.

Most Americans would agree on this point too if they knew the facts, and that is precisely why they can’t afford to let me calmly present my evidence before so-called journalists like Katie Couric, who are simply servants of the Zionist, extremist Jews who own and run the media conglomerates.

No one in American politics has spoken so forthrightly and convincingly on all these subjects.

I suggest that the fact that I speak effectively on them is why hacks like Katie Couric must resort to schoolyard brawls instead of journalist ethics and human respect.

Best to All, David Duke, PhD

Here is the excerpt of the Katie Couric interview where she discusses me:

Interview with Katie Couric: ‘People want Coverage that Has a POV (Point Of View)
Posted by Mallary Jean Tenore at 6:07 AM on Jan. 26, 2010

Couric: If you’re too confrontational, and there are times when you need to be confrontational, sometimes the attention is then focused on you rather than the interview subject. Ideally, in 100 percent of the situations it really is about the person you’re interviewing, or should be.

Sometimes journalists make the mistake of having a certain tone or conducting the interview in a certain way that it draws attention away from the subject and on to the interviewer herself or himself.

My tone was really important because I think it was respectful but politely persistent. And that’s really what you want to do when you’re interviewing someone, unless it’s someone like David Duke whose views are so abhorrent to the vast majority of American people

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