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Interpol-From the Inside

Interpol – From the Inside

By Barry Napier Wednesday, January 6, 2010

imageWell, Interpol has certainly started a tidal wave! My inbox has been crammed with comments, from hostile to accepting, from ignorant to a pretence of knowledge. I had one, indirectly, from someone who worked in Interpol Europe. Also, many gun-owners tell me they would shoot it out with anyone who wants to arrest them for having guns. I can only warn against a Waco conclusion if that happened.

But, it seems I must be a lousy writer, because only one contact really understood where I was coming from. In this article I must mention my main contact, a recently retired ICE special agent, who worked very closely with Interpol as colleagues, and who was also an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army Reserve. For obvious reasons I will not name him.

Tomorrow, Not Today

Now, my concern is NOT for what the situation is today. My concern is for the ramifications of what superficially appears to be a minor issue. I am not a conspiracy theorist. Having watched the growth of socialism over the past decade, I can see where things are going. I have watched seemingly ‘minor’ actions growing into major obstacles to peace and social cohesion. And this is why I reported on the Interpol issue… before it is buried under time.

It is also fact that those in power (in whatever role) tend to be very devious in their movements. They will not introduce huge changes with sudden big announcements. Instead, they will alter things a bit at a time (which is very fast on Obama’s clock), so that the big change occurs slowly, each step being accepted and assimilated by the public, so the final push seems natural.

Devious R Government

Let me tell you something, very bluntly and frankly: I remember in one senior role I had, having to deal with a troublesome situation that threatened the entire organisation and which was almost impossible to eradicate. I didn’t tackle it outright, because it would have caused a big reaction. So, I wrote a new policy. But, I didn’t leave it at that. I wrote several new policies, seemingly all different. Each one, in itself, was minor, but they were given as copies to all employees, who had to sign they had read it. But, I had an ‘agenda’. Over several months I gave verbal warnings, and after a while I referred the troublesome crew to the written policies, which, by UK law, were by then part of their contracts.

It took a while, but after several verbal warnings (all documented), I issued written warnings. But, I didn’t want cooperation – I wanted to get rid of the troublesome few. Thus, I stepped up the pressure by increasing work requirements, knowing there would be complaints. I kept increasing the pressure, and when there were inevitable failures to comply, I issued final warnings. At that point I referred the troublesome people to the policies issued months before and showed how they were failing to comply with each one. I then increased pressure of workload, and bingo! They left before we had to give them notice.

The problems we had could have been catastrophic if not dealt with. So - Devious? Yes. Necessary? Yes. What I am showing you is that often, when something major explodes in politics and in society (usually in a bad sense), everyone has missed the signs preceding it. Socialist governments are very good at devious. They will write seemingly innocuous laws and policies that, in themselves, appear to be ‘nothing’. What observers fail to see is the motive and the agenda. Soon, the seemingly innocuous changes are joined by others, apparently not connected. It is only when the big changes are about to be implemented that all the ‘minor’ changes and laws are brought to light as justification for the massive alteration in conditions.

In other words, look at EO 12425 on its own and you will see next to nothing. Read it as innocuous, and you will not see the wood for the trees. Ask government for clarification and they will muddy the waters, just lie, or be open (because there is nothing obvious to explain). If you don’t think this happens, then you have not lived in Europe!

Tony Blair barnstormed Britain with laws that were unconstitutional; he handed Britain over to the EU, just as Edward Heath did in the early 1970s, without a shred of legal backing. Then, more recently, Gordon Brown literally committed treason by signing the UK into the unsafe hands of the EU. Indeed, many laws, especially to do with so-called ‘human rights’ have been devised and used as a tool against the people, to bring in immorality and deception as a rule. Anti-terrorist laws have been used even by local councils to give penalties in court to folks who don’t fill their trash-cans properly! Websites have been crashed and stopped because government didn’t like the anti-government contents. The list of unlawful laws is long and growing. As one US journalist has noted: “Britain is already a police state.”

Don’t Be Naive

I ask those in the USA, then, not to be so naïve. If you think demanding freedom of access to information will provide the answers, then think again! You will only get the ‘official version’. It will not give you the motive or the agenda. What I do is to identify what appears to be disparate items and then join them together in logical fashion. This leads us to conclusions that can only be proved in hindsight. But, if we don’t identify them and do something now, before other changes are instituted by government, we will suddenly be faced with devastating changes hard to deal with.

Interpol claims anything anti-green is suspect, and even calls those who are anti-green,‘terrorists’. It could be argued that I am being over the top, if not spreading ‘misinformation’. Could be true on both counts! But, I am only taking the facts to certain conclusions, by relating them to apparently odd changes made by government, changes that have no obvious reason or force. As one who has experienced and witnessed social engineering of the Labour government in the UK, blatant and unchallenged, I know just how devious these changes can be. And, what they can lead to. No amount of freedom of information will show us the true nature of the beast, any more than the true nature of Obama was given publication space by a pro-Democrat media system, before the election (and after)!

From The Horse’s Mouth

My contact was an ICE senior special agent who worked closely with Interpol - let us dramatically refer to him as ‘Agent X’. He agrees with my UN comments but differs with one or two others. That is no problem. He says that airport security failings were “well known” by U.S. Customs, FAA, GSA and other branches of the government back in the 90’s, but no-one bothered to take notice. The reason given was, then, that there was no immediate threat; like many security agencies the government had to “balance the immediacy and imminence of threats”.

Agent X says “I certainly do understand your concern about spreading the word as son as you see a threat.” He also said that “My partners and I… were like voices in the wilderness” and so seemingly minor threats to airport security were ignored, because they were not deemed imminent enough.

He told me: “Even security in the federal buildings was a source of great frustration for us, especially after consulting with the security manager from the World Trade Centre.” Perhaps you might recognise that last name?

Think my approach to EO 12425 is far-fetched, or even wrong? Then listen to Agent X, who responds: “Part of my personal frustration or caution, if you will, with pointing out possible dangers presented by such things as EO 12425 is the responses these early warnings generate from their recipients. It’s been my experience, even with people trained and experienced enough to know better, is that a warning against something that’s not imminent is discounted.”

“If it never happens, the one who sounded the alarm becomes a ‘worrier’ and is taken less seriously. If it DOES happen, but much later… no-one remembers the earlier warning.”

Just as the US ignored the dangers posed by Islamic terrorists that devastated the Twin Towers. Just like the UK government that believed Hitler wanted peace. Just like the world governments that allowed Russia to land-grab after the Second WW. Just like world authorities who played down (and still do) the enormous threat to life by AIDS and what causes it. Just like those who foolishly voted for Obama despite the facts that were smuggled out under the noses of the liberal media. Just like those who ignore the evidence that environmentalism is fraudulent.

Socialism By Any Means

Obama is out to cripple the USA. He will do it by any means he can. That is why the UN is poised ready to step in when Obama hands the USA over to them (probably after the three nations join as one North America – Canada, USA and Mexico). The warnings are there! Yet, few wish to engage in the debate, because they think it is just rhetoric! How much more ‘rhetorical’ must Obama’s real activities need to be before anyone takes notice? How many ‘minor’ facts must be ignored before what was thought of as ‘not imminent’ blows up in our faces like the Twin Towers?

The fact is blatant – Obama wants the USA to be fully socialist; he wants to ruin the economy, because it is how Marxism operates; he has already silenced the media. Therefore, it is logical for him to begin proceedings, no matter how innocuous they might seem, to bring in laws and policies that will enable him to deliver the final blow to democracy.

Look Past the Laws – See the Agenda

This is the reasoning behind my original Interpol articles. Look beyond the obvious and the present! See the outcomes! And don’t expect Obama or his administration to give you the truth or the full facts. Even if you read and re-read the law, it won’t give you the agenda or the aim. These only come to special people on a ‘need to know’ basis, and those are people tied to Obama by the same agenda. However, we can all join the clues.

Yes, I know Interpol is not a ‘police force’ and is a datahouse for criminal activity. As others have rightly asked – why, then, has Interpol been given political immunity? It is my view that it has been given not so much for current use, but for future use. I link that use to Interpol’s now close relationship with the UN. And I link that to Obama’s aim to hand over the USA to the UN. Another link is that the UN was started by a Soviet spy and has been Marxist from its inception. Every single Secretary General has been a Marxist! So, when Interpol, a mere ‘datahouse’, joins with the UN, there is another motive.

Is it, just as Interpol says, a natural move so as Interpol can make use of the UN’s extensive world connections? Could be. But, I see it differently, given the way all politics is moving towards a One World Order. What begins as a seemingly small action, will mean a far bigger role for Interpol in the future. The data-gathering will all too quickly cover everyone, everywhere.

The UN doesn’t forge meaningless relationships! Everything it does is part of the Marxist movement itself. Only those at the very top will know the truth of the matter, but any sane observer should take note and build a Marxist future into the overall scheme of things. Or, be suddenly surprised by another ‘Twin Tower’ situation, because everyone ignores the clues. Better to be wrong than sorry!

I was told by another Interpol employee that all his colleagues were “very competent, law-abiding professionals”. Apart from the Pink Panther, I have no doubt they are. But, lower levels never know what their bosses are planning. Nor do they know the motives. Hitler’s army was run by professionals. Many did an excellent job in terms of strategies. But did that make their work any the more acceptable? No matter how professional people are, they cannot alter, and usually do not know, what their superiors are up to.

Hyperbole, or Real?

So, friends, do not think that political conclusions are necessarily wrong. Or that “there’s been some ill-informed, hyperbolic language used” in describing Interpol. It is not a popular task to take given facts and extend them to their obvious conclusions, because they go beyond what is immediately obvious. They do not come within the framework of an “immediate and imminent danger”. So, they are ignored. Then comes the crunch, and everyone is surprised. Better to go on the offensive now, than risk being a victim in the future, just because the extension of the facts does not meet the immediate law or policy wording!

Feel-Good Now – But What About Later?

I unashamedly speak of Obama, Marxism and Fascism in the same breath, because that is how they should be treated. Therefore, I relate the ‘official’ idea of Interpol to that of Germany in the early days of Hitler. They were ‘feel good’ days, too. But, troubling things began to occur, and were ignored. The Jews who provided much funding to the emerging political Hitler, then became victims of the same leader, their homes broken into, their shops smashed and closed, the Jews made out to be horrific causes of Germany’s problems.

When the war began, even these clues were ignored, and so the obvious end came – the gas chambers. At each stage in the years preceding the war, the clues were growing and no-one bothered to ‘join the dots’. The same is happening in the USA today. The UK and Europe are already in advance of the USA. Take my word for it: Europe is now in misery and expects far worse. The USA is only just starting on the treadmill promised by Obama… so use the clues to stop him in his tracks!

As Agent X says, “Interpol is an organisation that is more ‘feel good’ than effective…. Foreign assignments to the US are generally given as rewards, so that they may come here to live and enjoy our lifestyle.” Yes… but what of the future? No group is joined to the UN unless the UN can get maximum use from it in some way. The current ‘feel good’ may just be the same as the ‘feel good’ of Hitler in his early days. This is based on history, not on guesswork or wild thinking!

Comments on UN Valid

“Your concern regarding connection between the agency and the UN are valid” continued Agent X. As far as he is concerned, though, Interpol will keep up a façade of relevance as it becomes more irrelevant, until it can be employed as an arm of the World Court…. That is true, but we should not ignore the fact that the UN only joins with those who will be of help in spreading Marxism in the future. Will that help be in the form of a massive police network of data, not just on criminals, but on everyone? Melodramatic? Oh? What about those who said the same things about Hitler and Stalin? Their ‘wild thinking’ became a stunning and evil reality, and millions died as a result. A similar database is already being used against UK citizens, though they don’t want it.

Agent X sees Interpol as more a symbol than an actual useful tool. In my view a symbol can be just as effective as the actual tool. This is why Hitler spent a lot of time and effort getting the symbol of his power just right – and along came the swastika. He was right, because even today the symbol is a powerful reminder and rallying-flag for wicked men. Interpol can become such a symbol, even if others are used as the tools to grind-down society.

Commenting on its future, Agent X suggested: “What I foresee, in terms of criminal investigation, is a charter with the UN to involve Interpol as an arm of the World Court. This would be a significantly easier venue for them, as the World Court is operating without support from all governments, but would be recognised by the current administration, AND then provide a mission for Interpol that could work directly against US interests.” So, how far from the truth have I been?

“The difficult part to overcome would be US membership in Interpol… authorized by Congress, but at the discretion of the Attorney General. Just how far this or any leftist administration will go in this situation is truly frightening. It would be at THIS point, WITHOUT U.S. membership, that EO 12425 could be seen as a threat.” Exactly – that is my point… it is not a threat now, but will be in the future. Especially as Obama is following UK design – do it and see what you can get away with… which is just about everything.

As a student I read law and took part in many Moot Courts. I had the knack to twist the law to suit my own aims, even with a trained lawyer opposing me. It is legal and this is the way lawyers work to create a precedent.

“I agree with you that the green movement is insidious and is a Marxist organisation. I also believe they are ‘in league’, so to speak, with certain green industrialists… such as Al Gore, who was instrumental in creating a green market so he could capitalize on it. Each, much like the pre-war German industrialists and the Nazis, believing that they control and manipulate the other.” Well said! Bear in mind that Interpol says those who are anti-green are ‘terrorists’. This helps Obama et al enormously, as they force us all to enjoin with greenism. Penalties for resisting will come, make no mistake! Copenhagen saw to that. And Europe is already being penalised.

However, Agent X thinks that, at the moment, “rising against this executive order is swinging at shadows” believing there are more imminent threats to the US way of life right now. And that is true. Even at the very beginning of Obama’s administration there is the matter of his eligibility to be president. But, if he can get away with his procurement of the Oval Office without once giving proof of his eligibility, he can literally get away with anything he wishes. And one only has to look at the long list of his ‘czars’ to see just how radical and immoral his decisions are, against the people and even Congress. So, just how distant is imminent, seeing as how Obama is rushing forward like an express train?

“He adds “We have many more grievous threats… to waste energy focusing on the possible threat of Interpol, during a time in which we must be actively engaged in imminent and immediate threats to our freedom…” Again, well said, and he has a valid point, which I respect. My own view is simply that to ignore the threat is to become a victim in the future. And yes, there are many current threats that must be dealt with – but deal with the seemingly smaller ones at the same time, before they grow from little fish to big ones with huge teeth.

Keep Going

Finally, Agent X said this: “Thanks again and keep the torch burning. I am glad we can have this civilized discourse… so much different than when trying to engage a liberal!!!”

There you have it, from the mouth of a Interpol insider. The only real point of difference is that he believes we should concentrate on current dangers to our freedoms, though he still recognises the dangers posed by the UN. My caveat is that some things seem small now, but will grow fast.

Look at Europe for the alternative, where a Fascist EU rules every aspect of life… and is paid billions of dollars by each member country for the privilege! It is getting worse. Because of UK green laws, the elderly are buying old books from charity shops, because it is cheaper to burn them than to use energy, hiked up in price by socialists. This is what the USA faces very soon if it does not fight back and stop the Obamarisation of the country. Fight for freedom, but also be very aware of coming threats, such as Interpol, and be ready to take action. Otherwise the USA will be lost forever. Remember – there is no real difference between Marxism and Fascism. Both are socialist and both want to rule the world with an iron fist.

Summation by Agent X

Agent X agrees with my main thesis. He concludes:

“Overall, I believe your article is very accurate and very rationally and logically presents the arguments that need to be raised. I would also add, for your discussion of the Nazi rise to power, is that Mein Kampf was an incredibly open and honest expression of Hitler’s ultimate goals. Had anyone read and believed his agenda, no one could have been surprised with the result. Just reading statements of Barak Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and other “esteemed” members of the disloyal left should leave no surprises! Even less surprising should be a review of their performance….”

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