Friday, October 16, 2009

white boy burned by niggers, wiggers and wetbacks!

White Boy Burned in Attack by Nigger, Wiggers and Latrino

Two wiggers, Jeremy and Denver Jarvis, and their nigger leader, Matt Bent

Two wiggers, Jeremy and Denver Jarvis, and their nigger leader, Matt Bent

A 15 year old White boy, Michael Brewer, had rubbing alcohol thrown on him and then was set on fire by a gang of scum lead by a 15 year old nigger named Matthew Bent in Deerfield Beach, Florida. In addition to their leader Bent, were two racially dead White boys, brothers Denver, 15, and Jeremy Jarvis, 13, and a 15 year old Latrino, Jesus Mendez.

The gang held Michael down and doused him in rubbing alcohol and then set him on fire. He’s burned over 80 percent of his body and may not survive.

This attack demonstrates what White children have to look forward to as White people continue to become a minority in America and around the world. We can look at how the Negro majority has taken land from Whites in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, and slaughtered White people across the country. Prior to White people settling the country, Rhodesia was nothing but a jungle. Now that our People created a nation, the Negroes want it and have taken it. Once White people lose their racial identity, it’s not long until they become victims of the non-White majority.

Michael Brewer has years of painful surgery ahead of him if he survives. If you’d like to make a donation towards his medical care, his family has set up a foundation through Bank of America, account number 898035752616, and a donation can be made at any Bank of America.

If you’d like to join the fight to correct this problem with a long term permanent solution you can join or support the National Socialist Movement! Click here to learn more!

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