Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the Price for Military Diversity

The Price Of Diversity

In the past few months there have been twelve prosecutions of trolls and goblins in the military for stealing, then selling to Al Qaeda a large number of highly classified, special hi-tech night-vision scopes and viewers. We know full-well of course, that this is only the tip of the iceberg, just the ones they couldn't hide in time. These bastards have no conscience, no patriotism, no concern for the lives of their comrades, only selfish greed, because those crazed terrorists will pay outrageous sums for gear like this. They not only supplied them with one of our best military secrets, these maggots even taught them how to use them. There are special patches worn by our boys that glow in the light of one of these scopes, so that the viewer knows not to shoot them in the dark. Now the terrorists know this, and will be faking these patches so they can get up close to our boys and kill them before they realize what hit them. Prison is too good for them, though I'm sure if you ask their pleading darkie mammas, they'll whine that "he was always a good boy and is being discriminated against cause he black!" I'm so damned SICK of that phrase that I could scream to the moon like a coyote!

I wouldn't even give them the luxury of a firing squad. Instead I'd hog-tie them and leave them sitting in the middle of a terrorist hot zone with a sign in Arabic hanging around their neck that says "Allah eats pig shit!" Let them feel the death they are causing so many of our innocent boys. Make an example out of them for all liberals and Jews to see. But that's in a perfect world. I have no doubts they'll be given light sentences because "dey black". And they say there's no discrimination....

All this evil is a DIRECT result of the "diversity" and "equality" campaign the liberals have been jamming down our throats by force for decades now. If you get any general or admiral alone and ask him what he thinks of darkies in the military, he'll spit on the floor and walk away. Answer enough...

When I was in the military in the 70's, the push to admit niggers (goblins) and wetbacks (trolls) was already beginning. Though their numbers were still relatively small due to the fact that they were waaay too stupid to pass the entrance exams. They've lowered the standards three times since then in order to squeeze them in. Now most muds in the military are functionally illiterate, unskilled, and unable to be taught, and have extensive criminal records. The white servicemen are forced, many times by direct order, to take up the slack for them.

My eldest sons' most bitter complaint about the military has always been this fact. He says that forced integration is causing the re-enlistment problem the Services are suffering because the white troops all quickly get a belly full of darkie laziness and corruption in the ranks. Most can't wait to get out. My son intended to make a career out of the military, but he told me he was forced to leave because he feared he would snap one day and kill a bunch of them. He told me that a great many have the same fear. They know they'd be crucified by the liberals if they did. Their only option was to leave the Service.

Darkies love it however. Where else can they get great pay, free meals, medical, dental, and housing, have all their chimplets paid for, order all the whites around and force them to do all your work for you? Even as far back as the 70's, niggers were promoted on the fast track to appease the liberals, Jews, and the NAACP. They were given some of the most excessive and ridiculous waivers I'd ever seen. A buck could make Master Sergeant by the time a white made Corporal. Consequently this put a ton of goblins in charge of all the white departments, where abuses ran wild.

I remember coming in the office one day to get a report sheet and seeing a dozen coons all gathered together under the air conditioner, shooting craps and oogabooging loudly. One of them looked up from the game long enough to shout, "Get to work white boy!" All the goblins busted up and started clacking their elbows and slapping their hands together in congratulation for a spiffy jab at whitey. They loved rubbing it in. Not a single goblin ever did any work. Instead it was all foisted off on the whites, though the credit was always given to the coons (deliberately to please the liberal propagandists). Whites were harassed, robbed, and even ganged up on and stomped in isolated locations for resisting or saying anything about the "system". In turn, the bucks would sneer and laugh at us for getting our butts in a sling for trying to put a stop to this evil. They'd won, and they knew it.

Since then there have been thousands of documented rape and molestation cases in as many foreign ports by the goblins and trolls, yet only a very small percentage are ever prosecuted. Most of the time the victims and their families are bought off by the government to keep the bad publicity out of the news. Trolls are just as bad, but in a different way. They steal. They are the military's biggest problem when it comes to "lost" equipment.

I personally had my locker broken into while off on assignment, and they cleaned me out of over a thousand dollars worth of dress uniforms and coats. These are sold to illegals so they can gain entrance to the bases and steal. Food is especially targeted, especially meat. There were many times when the day's menu was changed because a large shipment of meat came up "missing". Our captain was a savvy guy however, and he found a quick and easy way to put a stop to it on our particular ship, though most other commanders didn't have the sand to copy him (mind you, this was while we were in port. At sea they couldn't get to us). He started storing the bodies of the dead down in the refrigerated meat lockers (many ships transported dead servicemen to various ports for shipment home at that time, because of the refrigeration needed). He knew that muds, regardless of the shade, are extremely superstitious. They are universally terrified of the dead (must be a guilty conscience because they all know they're Hell-bound).

He pulled most of the lighting out as well, making the large freezer room a dark, creepy, cold, and foreboding dungeon of the dead. I'll never forget the time I was ordered to supervise a working party assigned to haul up several hundred pounds of steak for the nights' meal. One particularly black goblin was fine..until he spied several corpses lying in front of the meat in question. His eyes bulged out of his head so far that they looked like two soft-boiled eggs stuck in a black bowling ball. He turned and looked at me, just a "Boo!" away from shitting his pants and said, "Aaah ain't' a goin' in deeah boss! Nozzuh! Ah sho' ain't'! Dat place be fulla spooks an' zombies!" And he turned and beat feet up the stairs as fast as his long, African legs could carry him. I put him on report of course, but it was placed in "file 13" because he was black. I came within an ace of losing half the detail that time. I finally walked over to one of the dead and shook him and said. "See? I didn't get eat! The poor guy is dead, not a ghost. Now get yer asses to work!" They reluctantly did as they were ordered, though they all continued to eye the dead with apprehension, fully expecting one of them to jump up and gobble them down at any second. Muds... Damn! At least the thefts

The main trouble with placing these genetic deficients in the military is that they lack the intelligence and morals to be good soldiers and sailors. They're all lazy, dishonest, extremely stupid, selfish and aggressive, with no loyalty to anything but themselves. The liberals never miss a chance to trump up some minor incident involving a mud into some major heroic deed, showering them with medals and praise, twisting the truth into something totally unrecognizable, while the countless acts of criminal behavior are immediately swept under the rug to further their political agenda of perpetuating the Great Lie. Many foreign governments have banned niggers and wetback servicemen from visiting their ports because of the high number of thefts, rapes, and murders they commit whenever they arrive. Consequently the Navy Dept. ordered many of the ships not to even stop there, since only the whites were welcome. After all, it went completely against the liberal equality propaganda. It would never do to admit that whites were their superiors and that they were animals, unfit for civilized society.

Any parent that doesn't stop their child from joining any branch of today's military doesn't deserve to be a parent. Kids are stupid by nature. They're kids..they're supposed to be stupid! It's our job to think for them until they get enough sense to make sound decisions on their own that aren't based on emotion, hormones, or sheer stupidity. I refuse to have any child of mine risk his life defending a bunch of lowlife faggots, Jews, liberals, feminist bitches, wetbacks, niggers, and various other uninvited invaders and lowlifes. The sooner this system collapses, the better. It will jerk away the protective shield of our liberal government, making the evil among us vulnerable to our justice for the first time. I can't wait...

Until we destroy the liberal influence in this country and re-segregate our military, these problems are only going to intensify as more and more muds are recruited to fill the holes left by disgusted whites that have left the Service.

What the government flat refuses to acknowledge is the fact that whites can't stand muds of any type and do NOT want to live anywhere near them. This is what the liberal government glibly calls "white flight". Funny how they never discuss why this flight is taking place. And since our hopelessly corrupt government refuses to deal with them, and will jail or shoot any white that tries to resist, their only option is flight. They are moving out to the Northern states where there are no Welfare or Food Stamp programs and no free medical to pay for their endless brood of wetlets and chimplets. This fact helps a great deal in keeping the number of parasites to a minimum up there, though not all...

There have been quite a number if incidents where a family of wetbacks or goblins attempted to come in and get a foothold in some of the small Northwestern communities anyway, so they could prey on whitey and his daughters, and sell drugs to his kids, and generally corrupt what's left of the white culture. This has always led to the immediate and in many cases, bloody removal of these invaders. Some alive, and some dead, but all of them gone. And of course the Jews and their liberal boot licks go absolutely rabid over these incidents and try very hard to throw the book at the defenders to make an example out of them for trying to buck the Agenda. Trouble is, they can't ever find anyone that saw anything.

Seems that nobody was watching when it went This tight sense of community has arisen because of the tight screening process of new white immigrants into these areas. Liberals and Jews are driven out with the same gusto as muds. This allows the people to trust each other once again, like we did before the Civil Rights Disaster. White liberals will turn their own kind in to the government quicker than you can say "Joys of Diversity".

Interestingly, a great majority of the counties that have been settled recently by whites, have also had all the liberals in office either ousted, voted out, or prosecuted for corruption, leaving the vacancies to be filled by white separatists. Take Idaho County, Idaho. Judges, sheriffs, police chiefs, city councilmen, county commissioners, mayors, district attorneys, and all other offices have been cleaned out and the liberals sent packing. This has put the brakes on the persecution of whites in all these areas, and made it hell on earth for any mud with the balls to try and steal from or harm any white. Needless to say I'm getting reports that the Jews and liberals in the main strongholds of liberal resistance like Boise, Portland, and Seattle are screaming bloody murder and demanding that the federal government step in. Trouble is, they have to have legal proof of a crime to prosecute any of them, and they aren't likely to get any considering that all these white governments are as clannish as the Mafia now. One man I know personally that lives in one Idaho county told me that before anyone is allowed to hold any position of authority, even school teacher, he must submit to an extensive background check. Dan told me they learned the hard way to do this. They caught several liberal plants this way, and one member of the JDL. He says he knows there's no way to find them all, but at least they can keep them out of the dangerous positions. This Movement is being taken very seriously be the enemy, and rightly so. Whites are the only thing capable of killing them.

The movement is growing as more and more whites and white families move Northward every single day. It may look as if they are running away, but who cares what those lowlifes think? Certainly not me. Whites are gathering numbers, arms, and strength. And one day they'll return to settle accounts. Not only with the muds, but the evil and corrupt government that enabled this tragedy to begin with. Justice will be served... In the meantime, the only allegiance whites owe is to their race, not this corrupt government or nation. The sooner it falls, the better... It will free us up to do what's already long overdue....


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  1. I wish I could breath up in Idaho or I would've moved up there several years ago when I met my wife's aunt in Prairie. Asthma is a bitch at those altitudes.