Sunday, August 9, 2009

This Weeks Ponderances

Whale Wars. Should be Whale LOSERS. The stupid bastards are shooting their only survival flares at a Jap ship. WTF? Their first matey Pete, contradicts himself by saying, and I quote: "It should be stopped" after he states that the whaling ships are fishing in a sanctuary. If it was in a fucking SANCTUARY, asshole, the JAPS wouldn't be there, you stupid, hippy faggot! He later declares after the crew of stink bomb throwing hoologans get LRAD'ed into cowardess, that "they just upped the anti", like they are really going to do a damn thing ANYWAYS! The Japs took a whale right in front of them! How fucking effective does one have to be to protect a whale? DUH! I've said it before, I've never seen a bigger colection of pussies and losers on one ship.


What do you fall it when you take a shit on a fold out couch and then close the couch back up?
A Mexican waffle.


Seems South Florida, with all it's glorified DI-VER-SI-TAH, has a new problem. Horse meat. That's right. The illegal, non-white, turd world socio-parasites are stealing horses right out of peoples stables and butchering them.
What kind of douchebag piece of shit kills a horse anyways? I guess they got tired of slaughtering GOATS in their living rooms and eating up all those stray cats and dogs so horses are next on their appetites. Just another reason to deport all non-whites.


The Hitler, I mean History Channel did a Jesse James show last night: "Jesse James: Legend, Outlaw, Terrorist". TERORIST???? Give me a fucking BREAK you cocksucking KIKE assholes! You fucking hollywitz yids throw words like that around like a fucking hot potato trying to make himn out to be a what? Terrorist?? What a bunch of asshole baby-raping cocksuckers! Fuck Hollywood propaganda lies and all those jew producers! 6 MILLION MORE! 6 MILLION MORE! 6 MILLION MORE!


Piece of shit nigger imported baseball player julio Castillo was found guilty, guilty, GUILTY of asault when he threw a ball into the stands, busting some moron who watches imported niggers play a jew-owned franchise and pays too much for bball hyped trash. Nigger got 30 days and fines and will hopefully, be deported BACK to his turd world Dominican Republic where they won't care if he can't speak fucking ENGLISH! GOOD RIDDANCE NIGGER!


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