Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random Thoughts and Irritants

I used to watch the show "House" with Hugh Laurie. I hadn't seen it in a year or so and what do I see on the very first new episode? Nigger Dr. Foreman and the other Dr., who happens to be white, blonde, blue-eyed, doing each other. How fucking disgusting! No wonder I quit watching that trash. Just ANOTHER Hollywitz attempt to desensitize us to niggers fucking our white women. Hey hollywitz-KISS MY WHITE ASS!


Tim Geithner, our Secretary of the Treasury, in an interview last week, assures us that it's going to get worse and that the tax hikes are going to hit us all hard. His stupid fucking remark was "money has to come from somewhere". No shit asshole! Where did the BILLIONS of dollars come from that we paid those cocksuckers at GM to fuck the workers unemployment benefits by thechnicality while giving themselves MILLION dollar severance packages and million dollar annual retirements? I yearn for the good old days when fucking cocksuckers like him were tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail!


Americas Most Wanted is a fucking scam too! That asshole John Bunghole Benella has put people on the show for PROBATION VIOLATIONS! I mean, what the fuck? My good friend John Snyder, who has PAID his debt to society, is on their bullshit list because he's pro-white and a Nazi. Why that asshole Bunnell has HIM on the show, for NO reason, is beyond me. Just for kike ratings. OH MY A BIG BAD NAZI IS WANTED . Hey John Bunnell, SUCK MY FUCKING COCK YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE PIECE OF SHIT! Kike faggot!


"Whale Wars". Ahhh...what can I say about THOSE fucking losers? Once again, they have manage3d to fuck up the most simple of operations and screw the pooch. The Japs used an LRAD on them this week, hitting the helicopter, which as exciting. I was hoping to see it crash and burn all over the ocean. Some stupid commie bitch whined :"It's not fair when they use our own tactics against us.". WWWAAAAUUUGGGGHHH! Cry me a river you stupid tree-huggingn cunt! Obviously, the smartest thing out of HER mouth is her step-daddys dick! They all come on saying 'we'll DIE for the whales!' but when it comes down to it, they're just a bunch of fucking nutless, spineless, no-conviction pussies! Let's hope they got run over by a harpoon ship.


Nat Geo channel sucks ASS! It's SUPPOSED to be the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL, NOT the HITLER Channel! Every week those fucking kike cocksuckers come out with some re-used, re-editied, re-hashed, same old bullshit propaganda footage that we've seen a thousand times before but with a new kike twist on the plot of some bullshit kike lies.


little kike faggot Danny Dobson has once again tried to infiltrate my yahoo group why_hate_israel. Stupid cocksucker! Then he whines like a bitch when he's denied. He'll cry about it in other groups, try to get the group deleted by sending multiple complaints to yahoo abuse, saying it's anti-semitic or racist. I'd love to read about his obituary. In fact, when that fucking cocksucker dies, I'm going to make a trip to wherever they plant his ass and piss all over his grave and then shit copious amounts all over his head stone, followed by a great splashing of pigs blood.

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